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Answer PACED – Crossword Puzzle Solver

WalkedPACED 5
Acted the expectant father, perhapsPACED 5
Fretted in the waiting room, sayPACED 5
Measured off a distance, perhapsPACED 5
Stepped like an expectant fatherPACED 5
Wore out a maternity-room carpetPACED 5
Wore out the carpet, so to speakPACED 5
Acted like an expectant fatherPACED 5
Didn't wait patiently, sayPACED 5
Emulated an expectant fatherPACED 5
Emulated some expectant fathersPACED 5
Expended some nervous energyPACED 5
Set the tempo for a racePACED 5
Waited for a birth announcementPACED 5
Waited for a special delivery?PACED 5
Walked around the waiting roomPACED 5
Walked like an expectant fatherPACED 5
Walked with a certain gaitPACED 5
Walked with measured stepsPACED 5
What the awaiting father did with 5 letters
What the awaiting father didPACED 5
Wore a hole in the carpetPACED 5
Worked off nervous energyPACED 5
Acted antsy, in a wayPACED 5
Betrayed anxiety, sayPACED 5
Betrayed nervousnessPACED 5
Exhibited anxietyPACED 5
Fast- ___ (quick)PACED 5
Measured by walkingPACED 5
Measured on footPACED 5
Measured roughlyPACED 5
Roughly measured (off)PACED 5
Set an example forPACED 5
Set the standard forPACED 5
Showed nervousnessPACED 5
Strode back and forthPACED 5
Took measured stepsPACED 5
Took measured stridesPACED 5
Waited for baby?PACED 5
Waited restlesslyPACED 5
Walked back and forthPACED 5
Walked nervouslyPACED 5
Walked the floorPACED 5
Walked to and froPACED 5
Walked worriedlyPACED 5
Was visibly nervousPACED 5
Went back and forthPACED 5
Wore a hole in the rugPACED 5
Wore a rut in the rugPACED 5
Wore out the carpetPACED 5

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