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Answer OTOOLE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

2005 portrayer of CasanovaOTOOLE 6
1969 portrayer of Mr. ChipsOTOOLE 6
''The Lion in WINTER'' starOTOOLE 6
"Becket" actor, 1964OTOOLE 6
"Becket" co-star, 1964OTOOLE 6
"Becket" star, 1964OTOOLE 6
'Becket' co-star PeterOTOOLE 6
"Smallville" actress AnnetteOTOOLE 6
'Becket' actorOTOOLE 6
"Becket" starOTOOLE 6
"Becket" actor PeterOTOOLE 6
"Murphy's War" starOTOOLE 6
'Masada' star PeterOTOOLE 6
"Goodbye, Mr. Chips" star PeterOTOOLE 6
"Lawrence of Arabia" actorOTOOLE 6
"Lawrence of Arabia" portrayerOTOOLE 6
'Lawrence of Arabia' starOTOOLE 6
"Lawrence of Arabia" star PeterOTOOLE 6
"Lawrence of Arabia" Oscar nomineeOTOOLE 6
"How to Steal a Million" star PeterOTOOLE 6
"What's New, Pussycat?" co-star, 1965 with 6 letters
"What's New, Pussycat?" co-star, 1965OTOOLE 6
"High Spirits" star, 1988OTOOLE 6
2006 Best Actor nominee for "Venus"OTOOLE 6
1972 Best Actor nominee for "The Ruling Class"OTOOLE 6
"Lord Jim" actor, 1965OTOOLE 6
"Lord Jim" star, 1965OTOOLE 6
'King Ralph' actor PeterOTOOLE 6
'Lord Jim' actor PeterOTOOLE 6
2003 Lifetime Achievement Oscar winnerOTOOLE 6
"Lord Jim" starOTOOLE 6
'Lord Jim star Peter'OTOOLE 6
2002 Honorary Award Oscar recipientOTOOLE 6
'The Stunt Man' starOTOOLE 6
"The Lion in Winter" actorOTOOLE 6
"The Lion in Winter" co-starOTOOLE 6
"The Lion in Winter" costarOTOOLE 6
"The Lion in Winter" star, 1968OTOOLE 6
"The Lion in Winter" star PeterOTOOLE 6
"The Ruling Class" star, 1972OTOOLE 6
"The Ruling Class" starOTOOLE 6
"My Favorite Year" actorOTOOLE 6
"My Favorite Year" star PeterOTOOLE 6
Star of a film classic that's set in the desertOTOOLE 6
Most-nominated actor to never win an OscarOTOOLE 6
Actor whose character thought he was God in "The Ruling Class"OTOOLE 6
Peter fit for this puzzleOTOOLE 6
Quixote portrayer in 1972OTOOLE 6
Peter who was a seven-time Oscar nomineeOTOOLE 6
Peter who was the voice of Anton Ego in "Ratatouille"OTOOLE 6
Peter of the 2004 movie "Troy"OTOOLE 6

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