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Answer ONTAP – Crossword Puzzle Solver

HandyONTAP 5
SlatedONTAP 5
"Beer ___"ONTAP 5
"Ready, ___!"ONTAP 5
At handONTAP 5
Up nextONTAP 5
Freely available whenever neededONTAP 5
Part of a pub customer's questionONTAP 5
Takes in parts of rap records? (7)ONTAP 5
Waiting in the wings or in a kegONTAP 5
Waiting in the wings, so to speakONTAP 5
Alternative to "in a bottle"ONTAP 5
Available, as some beersONTAP 5
Available by the pint, perhapsONTAP 5
How beer is often servedONTAP 5
How some beers are servedONTAP 5
Like a porter at a pub, sayONTAP 5
Like some suds in a saloonONTAP 5
Ready to be drawn, at the barONTAP 5
Ready to be drawn from a kegONTAP 5
Ready to draw into a stein with 5 letters
Ready to draw into a steinONTAP 5
Ready to pull, at the breweryONTAP 5
Able to be drawnONTAP 5
Alternative to bottledONTAP 5
Available for mugsONTAP 5
Available from a kegONTAP 5
Available in pintsONTAP 5
Beer list categoryONTAP 5
Bottled alternativeONTAP 5
Draft classification?ONTAP 5
Flowing, at the barONTAP 5
How beer may be servedONTAP 5
In-a-bottle alternativeONTAP 5
Like a pub's aleONTAP 5
Like beer at a barONTAP 5
Like kegged beerONTAP 5
Like many bar brewsONTAP 5
Like many cold draftsONTAP 5
Like many microbrewsONTAP 5
Like much bar beerONTAP 5
Like much pub aleONTAP 5
Like some beer at a barONTAP 5
Like some pub beerONTAP 5
Like the house beerONTAP 5
Not bottled, as beerONTAP 5
Not bottled or cannedONTAP 5
Not in bottles, as beerONTAP 5
Not quite up yetONTAP 5
Obtained from a kegONTAP 5
Pub sign (2 wds)ONTAP 5

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