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Answer ONICE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"All set!"ONICE 5
"Cinched"ONICE 5
AssuredONICE 5
ChilledONICE 5
PendingONICE 5
ShelvedONICE 5
SkatingONICE 5
Waiting until after the game to get drunk, sayONICE 5
Chilling until the game ends, sayONICE 5
Cold and waiting to get drunkONICE 5
Getting chilled, as champagneONICE 5
Getting chilled, as wineONICE 5
How champagne may arriveONICE 5
How cold drinks are keptONICE 5
How some drinks are servedONICE 5
In the bag, as a victoryONICE 5
Like some beer at a partyONICE 5
Like some cold beveragesONICE 5
Out of the public spotlightONICE 5
Put ___ (set aside for later)ONICE 5
Ready to serve, as champagne with 5 letters
Ready to serve, as champagneONICE 5
Relative of "in the bag"ONICE 5
Where a 1980 miracle happenedONICE 5
Where figure-skaters practiceONICE 5
With a good chance of successONICE 5
With a win virtually assuredONICE 5
Assured, as a victoryONICE 5
Being held in reserveONICE 5
Being kept chilledONICE 5
Chilled, in a wayONICE 5
Chilling, perhapsONICE 5
Cooling, as champagneONICE 5
Guaranteed to succeedONICE 5
Held incommunicadoONICE 5
Held in readinessONICE 5
How to serve caviarONICE 5
In a state of abeyanceONICE 5
In a state of readinessONICE 5
In reserve, or cinchedONICE 5
In reserve (slang)ONICE 5
In the picnic coolerONICE 5
Keeping cool, in a wayONICE 5
Keeping cool, maybeONICE 5
Like beer in a coolerONICE 5
Like drinks in a coolerONICE 5
Opposite of neatONICE 5
Performed by skatersONICE 5
Preserved for laterONICE 5
Preserved, in a wayONICE 5
Preserved or reservedONICE 5

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