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Answer OMAHA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

6/6/44 beachheadOMAHA 5
29 80OMAHA 5
SiouanOMAHA 5
1935 Derby winnerOMAHA 5
"Up in the Air" settingOMAHA 5
1935 Kentucky Derby winnerOMAHA 5
"Wild Kingdom" sponsor Mutual of ___OMAHA 5
"Gate City of the West"OMAHA 5
"The Oracle of ___" (epithet for Warren Buffett)OMAHA 5
1935 Triple Crown winnerOMAHA 5
1935 Triple Crown horseOMAHA 5
"STATE FAIR ___" (words on the Wizard of Oz's hot-air balloon)OMAHA 5
Midwest city whose name is a poker varietyOMAHA 5
Plains tribe making much of tomahawks (5)OMAHA 5
Home of a mail order steak businessOMAHA 5
Triple crown-winning thoroughbred, 1935OMAHA 5
Nebraska town that is headquarters to ConAgraOMAHA 5
Largest city in the state where Lincoln is the capitalOMAHA 5
Cornhusker's city, perhapsOMAHA 5
Cornhusker's largest cityOMAHA 5
Cornhusker state's largest city with 5 letters
Cornhusker state's largest cityOMAHA 5
Mutual of --- insurance companyOMAHA 5
Mutual of ___ (insurance giant)OMAHA 5
Nebraska city famous for stealsOMAHA 5
Nebraska's first capitalOMAHA 5
Nebraska's most populous cityOMAHA 5
Nebraska's territorial capitalOMAHA 5
Poker game with four hole cardsOMAHA 5
Poker variant named for a cityOMAHA 5
Texas hold 'em alternativeOMAHA 5
Transcontinental railroad cityOMAHA 5
City across the river from Council BluffsOMAHA 5
Midwest city named for an Indian tribeOMAHA 5
Nebraska's capital before LincolnOMAHA 5
Nebraska city with the motto "Gateway to the West"OMAHA 5
Nebraska city name on the Wizard of Oz's hot-air balloonOMAHA 5
Is "somewhere in middle America" to Counting CrowsOMAHA 5
City that's home to the Henry Doorly ZooOMAHA 5
Big name in steaksOMAHA 5
Boys town localeOMAHA 5
Brando's birthplaceOMAHA 5
Brando's hometownOMAHA 5
Buffett's backyardOMAHA 5
Buffett's birthplaceOMAHA 5
Buffett's headquartersOMAHA 5
Buffett's hometownOMAHA 5
Casino poker gameOMAHA 5
City famous for steakOMAHA 5
Cornhusker's cityOMAHA 5
Cornhuskers' cityOMAHA 5

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