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'Cheers!'OLES 4
"Blood and Sand" accoladesOLES 4
"Death in the Afternoon" cheersOLES 4
"Cheers" in ChihuahuaOLES 4
Shouts at a football game (the other kind)OLES 4
Bulls' fans don't want to hear these?OLES 4
Calls to those who might get stuckOLES 4
Cheers for a banderillero's superiorOLES 4
South-of-the-border encouragementOLES 4
Bullfighter's encouragementOLES 4
Chants heard after a goalOLES 4
Cheers at a fátbol matchOLES 4
Cheers for banderillerosOLES 4
Cheers heard at a bullfightOLES 4
Cries after charges are madeOLES 4
Cries during a paso dobleOLES 4
Cries from the stands, perhapsOLES 4
Enthusiastic corrida criesOLES 4
Flamenco dancer's whoopsOLES 4
Matador's encouragementsOLES 4
Music to a matador's ears with 4 letters
Music to a matador's earsOLES 4
Music to a torero's earsOLES 4
Shout-outs at the bullringOLES 4
Shouts heard in bullringsOLES 4
Some soccer stadium chantsOLES 4
Sounds at a "bull session"OLES 4
Sounds from a plaza de torosOLES 4
South-of-the- border shoutsOLES 4
They may ring through bullringsOLES 4
Exclamations used in the song "Hot Hot Hot"OLES 4
Acapulco acclamationsOLES 4
Acapulco accoladesOLES 4
Acclaim for picadorsOLES 4
Barcelona bravosOLES 4
Barcelona cheersOLES 4
Bravos of a sortOLES 4
Bullfight accoladesOLES 4
Bullfight bravosOLES 4
Bullfight cheersOLES 4
Bullfight chorusOLES 4
Bullfight crowd noisesOLES 4
Bullfight hurrahsOLES 4
Bullfighting cheersOLES 4
Bullfight shoutsOLES 4
Bull ring cheersOLES 4
Bullring hurrahsOLES 4
Bullring outburstsOLES 4
Bull ring utterancesOLES 4
Cheers at a bullfightOLES 4
Cheers for a matadorOLES 4

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