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Answer OLDIE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1950s song, e.g.OLDIE 5
1950s song, todayOLDIE 5
'60's song e.g.OLDIE 5
1950's recordOLDIE 5
'40s tune, sayOLDIE 5
'50s song, e.g.OLDIE 5
'60s song, e.g.OLDIE 5
25-Down, e.g.OLDIE 5
RerunOLDIE 5
''Rock revival'' tuneOLDIE 5
''Stardust'' is oneOLDIE 5
''Rock Around the Clock,'' e.g.OLDIE 5
"Golden" song of the pastOLDIE 5
"Diana," for oneOLDIE 5
"Smiles," for oneOLDIE 5
"Golden" hitOLDIE 5
"Golden" songOLDIE 5
"Golden" tuneOLDIE 5
"Hello," e.g.OLDIE 5
"Help!" is oneOLDIE 5
"Return to Sender," for one with 5 letters
"Return to Sender," for oneOLDIE 5
"Under the Boardwalk," e.g.OLDIE 5
"Under the Boardwalk" is oneOLDIE 5
"Duke of Earl," for oneOLDIE 5
"Sherry" or "Big Girls Don't Cry"OLDIE 5
"Stormy Weather," for oneOLDIE 5
"Hound Dog" or "What's New Pussycat?"OLDIE 5
"Shine On, Harvest Moon," e.g.OLDIE 5
"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," e.g.OLDIE 5
"Good Vibrations" or "Surfin' Safari"OLDIE 5
"Some Enchanted Evening," e.g.OLDIE 5
"Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini," for oneOLDIE 5
"Blue Suede Shoes" or "Runaround Sue," e.g.OLDIE 5
"I Love You Truly," for oneOLDIE 5
94.7 FM cutOLDIE 5
Song from the 1980s, potentially, nowadaysOLDIE 5
Almost any doo-wop song, e.g.OLDIE 5
Any song your parents like?OLDIE 5
Bit of "golden" nostalgiaOLDIE 5
Bit of tuneful nostalgiaOLDIE 5
Black-and-white film, e.g.OLDIE 5
Black-and-white movie, e.g.OLDIE 5
Doo-wop song, for exampleOLDIE 5
It might bring back memoriesOLDIE 5
Many a class reunion tuneOLDIE 5
Movie or record of past yearsOLDIE 5
Musical blast from the pastOLDIE 5
Nostalgic film or recordOLDIE 5
Nostalgic jukebox selectionOLDIE 5
Number you might have memorizedOLDIE 5

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