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Answer OIL – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Tulsa productOIL 3
Tulsa's productOIL 3
Type of paintOIL 3
Unctuous fluidOIL 3
Unctuous speechOIL 3
Unctuous stuffOIL 3
Valdez cargoOIL 3
Valdez spillOIL 3
Vinegar partnerOIL 3
Water clasherOIL 3
Watteau workOIL 3
Well or paintOIL 3
Well outputOIL 3
Well yieldOIL 3
Wildcat strike?OIL 3
Winter deliveryOIL 3
Wok coaterOIL 3
Reason for the Iraq war, according to manyOIL 3
Medium for MatisseOIL 3
It's struck in TexasOIL 3
Medium for Van Dyck or van Gogh with 3 letters
Medium for Van Dyck or van GoghOIL 3
Lardner's "Say It With ___"OIL 3
Book on which "There Will Be Blood" was basedOIL 3
Source of Rockefeller moneyOIL 3
Source of Rockefeller's wealthOIL 3
Source of Rockefeller wealthOIL 3
Source of Clampett wealth, on TVOIL 3
Export of Indonesia and VenezuelaOIL 3
Source of the Ewing fortuneOIL 3
Source of the Getty fortuneOIL 3
Shipment from TexasOIL 3
Source of the Beverly Hillbillies' wealthOIL 3
Source of Abu Dhabi's wealthOIL 3
Source of Jed Clampett's wealthOIL 3
Shipment from Saudi ArabiaOIL 3
What the Ewings and Clampetts had in commonOIL 3
Tower of Power "Only So Much ___ in the Ground"OIL 3
Cargo of the ValdezOIL 3
Cargo of the Exxon ValdezOIL 3
Business for Shell or ExxonMobilOIL 3
Manet's "The Luncheon on the Grass," e.g.OIL 3
It made Jed a millionaireOIL 3
Gulf of Mexico productOIL 3
It made old Jed a millionaireOIL 3
Permian Basin outputOIL 3
Permian Basin yieldOIL 3
Persian Gulf commodityOIL 3
Prudhoe Bay findOIL 3
Prudhoe Bay productOIL 3
Sydney band Midnight ___OIL 3

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