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Answer OGLE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

14-Across' lookOGLE 4
FlirtOGLE 4
StareOGLE 4
AdmireOGLE 4
CoquetOGLE 4
Eye upOGLE 4
"Get a load of ___!"OGLE 4
"Take a gander!"OGLE 4
"Loverly" lookOGLE 4
Eye ___OGLE 4
EyeballOGLE 4
Gape atOGLE 4
Leer atOGLE 4
Fail to be subtle in checking someone outOGLE 4
Keep on looking at, and not in a nice wayOGLE 4
Let someone know you're interestedOGLE 4
Look at long ... and with longingOGLE 4
Make way more than eye contact withOGLE 4
Prepare for a pickup line, perhapsOGLE 4
View up and down with intentionsOGLE 4
Watch from the corner of one's eye with 4 letters
Watch from the corner of one's eyeOGLE 4
Charles ___, silents actorOGLE 4
Check out, and then someOGLE 4
Check out at a meat marketOGLE 4
Closely examine the figures?OGLE 4
Exhibit an eye for figures?OGLE 4
Eyeball like a sleazeballOGLE 4
Gawk at, as on the beachOGLE 4
Give a head-to-toe inspectionOGLE 4
Give a long, leering look toOGLE 4
Give more than a once-overOGLE 4
Have ideas about, so to speakOGLE 4
It's more than a once-overOGLE 4
Lecher's wide-eyed stareOGLE 4
Let one know you're interestedOGLE 4
Look accompanying a lineOGLE 4
Look at a looker, perhapsOGLE 4
Look at from head to toeOGLE 4
Look at long with longingOGLE 4
Look at with amorous intentionsOGLE 4
Look given to a looker, perhapsOGLE 4
Look like a lounge lizardOGLE 4
Look saucily at a tomato?OGLE 4
Look through a swimsuit issueOGLE 4
Look while delivering a lineOGLE 4
People-watch inappropriatelyOGLE 4
Perform a full-body scan?OGLE 4
Stare like a drugstore cowboyOGLE 4
Take a long, longing lookOGLE 4
Watch at a strip club, maybeOGLE 4

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