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Answer OBOE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ da caccia (cor anglais forerunner)OBOE 4
_____ d'amore (baroque instrument)OBOE 4
___ family, including bassoons and English hornsOBOE 4
___ d'amore (instrument)OBOE 4
___ d'amore (reed instrument)OBOE 4
___ d'amour: baroque instrumentOBOE 4
___ da cacciaOBOE 4
___ d'amoreOBOE 4
___ d'amourOBOE 4
___ da caccia (English-horn forerunner)OBOE 4
"0" in W.W. II codesOBOE 4
''Bolero'' instrumentOBOE 4
''Peter and the Wolf'' instrumentOBOE 4
A reedOBOE 4
"High wood" you can find among the reedsOBOE 4
"An ill wind that nobody blows good"OBOE 4
"An ill wind that no one blows good"OBOE 4
"Ill wind that no one blows good"OBOE 4
"O" example in a children's bookOBOE 4
"Ill wind that no one blows good": NashOBOE 4
"An ill wind ..." instrument with 4 letters
"An ill wind ..." instrumentOBOE 4
"Clown of the orchestra"OBOE 4
"O" in a phonetic alphabetOBOE 4
"O" to ham operators, onceOBOE 4
"Wind nobody blows good"OBOE 4
"Gabriel's ___" (theme from "The Mission")OBOE 4
"O" in old radio lingoOBOE 4
"Ill wind"OBOE 4
"O" in the old Army phonetic alphabetOBOE 4
"Duck" in "Peter and the Wolf"OBOE 4
"Peter and the Wolf" woodwindOBOE 4
HautboyOBOE 4
MusetteOBOE 4
PifferoOBOE 4
"I Got You Babe" reed instrumentOBOE 4
"I Got You Babe" reedOBOE 4
Sounder of the tuning note at the start of an orchestra rehearsalOBOE 4
Instrument called "an ill wind that nobody blows good"OBOE 4
Instrument for someone who knows how to lip reedsOBOE 4
Instrument used to set the pitch for an orchestraOBOE 4
Woodwind able to provide an orchestra's tuning noteOBOE 4
Instrument often described as "mournful"OBOE 4
Instrument often made from grenadilla woodOBOE 4
Instrument whose name derives from "high wood"OBOE 4
Instrument with a double-reed mouthpieceOBOE 4
Musical instrument in phonetic alphabetsOBOE 4
Nash's "ill wind that nobody blows good"OBOE 4
Nash's "ill wind that no one blows good"OBOE 4
Some orchestra members find it instrumentalOBOE 4
Woodwind used as an orchestral "tuning fork"OBOE 4

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