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Answer OATH – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ of allegianceOATH 4
_____ of officeOATH 4
36-Across in four of this puzzle's answersOATH 4
CurseOATH 4
''Drat!'' is a mild oneOATH 4
''Egad!'' or ''Drat!''OATH 4
PledgeOATH 4
"I do solemnly swear ... ," e.g.OATH 4
"Right hand on holy book" situationOATH 4
"Holy jumping catfish!," e.g.OATH 4
*Censor's targetOATH 4
"Egad!", for oneOATH 4
"Gadzooks," e.g.OATH 4
"Holy smoke!," e.g.OATH 4
"My word!", e.g.OATH 4
"Ye gods!," for oneOATH 4
"Egad!" is oneOATH 4
"I do," e.g.OATH 4
"I do," for oneOATH 4
"I do" precederOATH 4
"Promise?" with 4 letters
"Promise?"OATH 4
"Zounds," e.g.OATH 4
"I do" or "Drat!"OATH 4
"The Elder" single "The ___"OATH 4
Secret pledge in each of the four longest Across answersOATH 4
It may be taken with a raised handOATH 4
It's taken with a hand in the airOATH 4
Office entry requirement, perhapsOATH 4
One may be minced or taken at the barOATH 4
Statement from the witness standOATH 4
Sworn statement from the witness standOATH 4
This answer is a four-letter wordOATH 4
Kiss song that makes a pledge (with "The")?OATH 4
Bit of colorful languageOATH 4
Dangerous thing to lie underOATH 4
Hippocratic pronouncementOATH 4
Inauguration declarationOATH 4
Induction requirement, oftenOATH 4
It precedes much testimonyOATH 4
It's said with a raised handOATH 4
It's sworn at a swearing-inOATH 4
Judicial administration?OATH 4
Means of showing earnestnessOATH 4
Officeholder's initial promiseOATH 4
One shouldn't lie under itOATH 4
Part of a swearing-in ceremonyOATH 4
Presidential administrationOATH 4
Promise from one on the standOATH 4
Some people are under itOATH 4

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