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1998 headline event in IndiaNTEST 5
2006 event in North Korea, brieflyNTEST 5
2006 N. Korea announcementNTEST 5
Explosive display of military power, for shortNTEST 5
Trial blast that produces a mushroom cloudNTEST 5
Cause of an intl. incident, maybeNTEST 5
Demonstration of firepower, brieflyNTEST 5
Experimental bomb blast, brieflyNTEST 5
India's first one took place in 1974NTEST 5
Mushroom cloud producer, in briefNTEST 5
Provocative military move, brieflyNTEST 5
Underground experiment, for shortNTEST 5
Event that might cause sanctions: Abbr.NTEST 5
Atomic bomb trial, brieflyNTEST 5
Atomic event, in headlinesNTEST 5
Big loud display of powerNTEST 5
Bikini experiment, brieflyNTEST 5
Bikini experiment, for shortNTEST 5
Bygone explosion, in headlinesNTEST 5
Cloud producer, for shortNTEST 5
Event drawing intl. criticism with 5 letters
Event drawing intl. criticismNTEST 5
Event outlawed by intl. treatyNTEST 5
Explosive trial, brieflyNTEST 5
Explosive trial, for shortNTEST 5
Intentional nuclear blastNTEST 5
Late 1940s event, in headlinesNTEST 5
Military experiment, brieflyNTEST 5
Military experiment, perhapsNTEST 5
Mushroom cloud creator, brieflyNTEST 5
Mushroom producer, for shortNTEST 5
Producer of a large mushroomNTEST 5
Protested event, brieflyNTEST 5
Protested event, for shortNTEST 5
Source of some mushroomsNTEST 5
Treaty subject, for shortNTEST 5
Underground blast, perh.NTEST 5
Underground experiment, brieflyNTEST 5
Weapons experiment, for shortNTEST 5
Subject of the 2005 opera "Doctor Atomic"NTEST 5
Nervous-making event in N. KoreaNTEST 5
A-blast from the pastNTEST 5
Banned blast, for shortNTEST 5
Big bang creator?NTEST 5
Big blast, brieflyNTEST 5
Big blowup, for shortNTEST 5
Big bomb trial, brieflyNTEST 5
Big mushroom producerNTEST 5
Bikini blast, brieflyNTEST 5
Bikini event, brieflyNTEST 5
Blast from the pastNTEST 5

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