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Answer NOUN – Crossword Puzzle Solver

61-Across, for exampleNOUN 4
''Verb'' or ''adjective''NOUN 4
3-Down's counterpartNOUN 4
"Person," "place" or "thing," e.g.NOUN 4
"Adjective" or "adverb," e.g.NOUN 4
"America" is a proper oneNOUN 4
"Clergy" is a collective oneNOUN 4
"Heads" or "tails," e.g.NOUN 4
"Tiger" or "dragon," e.g.NOUN 4
"Trick" or "treat", perhapsNOUN 4
"Anything ___ ?"NOUN 4
"Soup" or "salad"NOUN 4
"Proper" thing in English classNOUN 4
"Common" wordNOUN 4
Sometimes it's proper, sometimes it's notNOUN 4
It can be common in grammar classNOUN 4
It can represent a person or a placeNOUN 4
It may be subject to modificationNOUN 4
Person, place or thing, in grammarNOUN 4
Subject of a sentence, typicallyNOUN 4
Word that is an example of itself with 4 letters
Word that is an example of itselfNOUN 4
Word that's an example of itselfNOUN 4
A type of one ends 17-, 37- and 62-AcrossNOUN 4
Adjective follower, oftenNOUN 4
Animal, vegetable, or mineralNOUN 4
Any boy or girl could be oneNOUN 4
A proper one is capitalizedNOUN 4
Cat, dog, boy or fish, e.g.NOUN 4
Collective or common thingNOUN 4
Common thing in a sentence?NOUN 4
It can be proper or commonNOUN 4
It may be abstract or concreteNOUN 4
It may be a common objectNOUN 4
It may be a proper subjectNOUN 4
It may be common or properNOUN 4
It may be just the thingNOUN 4
It's common in grammar classNOUN 4
It's subject to modificationNOUN 4
Lion or tiger or bear, e.g.NOUN 4
Lions or tigers or bearsNOUN 4
Morning or evening, e.g.NOUN 4
One is often followed by a verbNOUN 4
Pass, punt or kick, e.g.NOUN 4
Person in a sentence, sayNOUN 4
Person or place or thingNOUN 4
Proper name, for exampleNOUN 4
Rock, paper, or scissorsNOUN 4
Rock, scissors, or paperNOUN 4
Sentence subject, as a ruleNOUN 4
Sentence subject, usuallyNOUN 4

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