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Answer NOSE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

It can be hooked or piercedNOSE 4
It can take your breath awayNOSE 4
It may be held underwaterNOSE 4
It's in front of the cockpitNOSE 4
It's plainly on your faceNOSE 4
It won't get far by runningNOSE 4
Margin of victory at the trackNOSE 4
Margin of victory, at timesNOSE 4
Margin of victory, maybeNOSE 4
Margin of victory, sometimesNOSE 4
Nail-biting margin of victoryNOSE 4
Narrowly defeat, with "out"NOSE 4
Narrow margin of victoryNOSE 4
Otolaryngologist's concernNOSE 4
Photo finish focus, maybeNOSE 4
Pinocchio's lie detectorNOSE 4
Pinocchio's outstanding featureNOSE 4
Pinocchio's prominent partNOSE 4
Pinocchio's protuberanceNOSE 4
Pinocchio's was apt to growNOSE 4
Predilection for detection with 4 letters
Predilection for detectionNOSE 4
Race-winning margin, sometimesNOSE 4
Reporter's asset, figurativelyNOSE 4
Right on the ___; exactlyNOSE 4
Rudolph's prominent featureNOSE 4
Rudolph's rubicund featureNOSE 4
Rudolph's salient featureNOSE 4
Smallest margin of victory?NOSE 4
Symbol of inquisitivenessNOSE 4
Traditional news spotterNOSE 4
Victory margin, at timesNOSE 4
What rocker may have piercedNOSE 4
Winning margin at times,NOSE 4
Winning margin, sometimesNOSE 4
Margin of victory at the PreaknessNOSE 4
Shostakovich opera, with "The"NOSE 4
Aardvark featureNOSE 4
Advance cautiouslyNOSE 4
Airplane's frontNOSE 4
Aroma, in wine-speakNOSE 4
Asset for a bassetNOSE 4
A winning marginNOSE 4
Bad thing to pickNOSE 4
Bloodhound featureNOSE 4
Bloodhound's assetNOSE 4
Bloodhound's prideNOSE 4
Bloodhound's sensorNOSE 4
Body part that smellsNOSE 4
Bordeaux's bouquetNOSE 4
Boxer's punching spotNOSE 4

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