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Answer NONET – Crossword Puzzle Solver

9-person musical groupNONET 5
MusesNONET 5
EnneadNONET 5
A musical group that consists of nine peopleNONET 5
Zero safety precautions, tight-rope-wiseNONET 5
Boast by a daredevil trapeze artistNONET 5
Composition for nine instrumentsNONET 5
Risky situation for a trapeze artistNONET 5
Baseball starting lineup, e.g.NONET 5
Cards in play at once, e.g.NONET 5
Combination of nine voicesNONET 5
Composition for nine musiciansNONET 5
Composition for nine voicesNONET 5
Expensive wedding band, maybeNONET 5
Fair-sized musical groupNONET 5
Good-sized musical comboNONET 5
Good-sized musical groupNONET 5
Group of nine, as in musicNONET 5
Group of nine performersNONET 5
Music for a baseball team?NONET 5
Nine-person musical group with 5 letters
Nine-person musical groupNONET 5
Rare instrumental groupingNONET 5
Score for a baseball team?NONET 5
Any group of nineNONET 5
Certain jazz comboNONET 5
Certain musical groupNONET 5
Certain string ensembleNONET 5
Chamber compositionNONET 5
Chamber group, maybeNONET 5
Composition for nineNONET 5
Large chamber groupNONET 5
Large jazz comboNONET 5
Large jazz groupNONET 5
Large musical comboNONET 5
Largish chamber groupNONET 5
Largish musical groupNONET 5
Largish singing groupNONET 5
Many a neo-ska groupNONET 5
Musical compositionNONET 5
Music for nine partsNONET 5
Nine-man band, e.g.NONET 5
Nine-performer workNONET 5
Nine-piece comboNONET 5
Nine singers singingNONET 5
Piece for an enneadNONET 5
Piece with nine partsNONET 5
Quartet plus quintetNONET 5
Quintet plus quartetNONET 5
Set of nine voicesNONET 5
Sextet plus a trioNONET 5

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