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Answer NERO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1951 historical role for Peter UstinovNERO 4
1st-century emperorNERO 4
WolfeNERO 4
''Summer of '42'' pianistNERO 4
DespotNERO 4
2009 "Star Trek" villainNERO 4
''Quo Vadis'' rulerNERO 4
"Summer of '42" pianist PeterNERO 4
"Camelot" co-starNERO 4
"Camelot" actor FrancoNERO 4
"Emperor ___"NERO 4
"Fiery" emperorNERO 4
"Scratch My Bach" composer PeterNERO 4
1951 Peter Ustinov historical roleNERO 4
1951 Peter Ustinov roleNERO 4
"Green Lantern" villainNERO 4
"Star Trek" (2009) villainNERO 4
"Star Trek" villain played by Eric BanaNERO 4
"Quo Vadis?" characterNERO 4
"Quo Vadis? "emperorNERO 4
"Quo Vadis?" figure with 4 letters
"Quo Vadis?" figureNERO 4
"Quo Vadis" heavyNERO 4
"Quo Vadis" meanieNERO 4
"Quo Vadis" roleNERO 4
"The Remorse of ___ After the Murder of His Mother" (John William Waterhouse painting)NERO 4
"I, Claudius" characterNERO 4
"I, Claudius" emperorNERO 4
"I, Claudius" figureNERO 4
'I, Claudius' roleNERO 4
"A Crossworder's Delight" author BlancNERO 4
"A Crossword to Die For" author BlancNERO 4
Intended assassination victim of the pisonian conspiracyNERO 4
Emperor who was declared a public enemy by the Roman SenateNERO 4
Archie's boss, in detective fictionNERO 4
Emperor who had his mother murderedNERO 4
Emperor who married his stepsisterNERO 4
Emperor who presided over a great fireNERO 4
Emperor with a burning ambition?NERO 4
He played the lyre, not the fiddleNERO 4
Infamous fiddler of ancient timesNERO 4
Roman emperor noted for inactionNERO 4
Roman emperor who fiddled aroundNERO 4
Roman who had his mother executedNERO 4
The senate declared him a public enemyNERO 4
Tyrant who liked to fiddle aroundNERO 4
Emperor said to have fiddled while Rome burnedNERO 4
Fictional detective and gourmand WolfeNERO 4
Emperor who succeeded his great-uncle ClaudiusNERO 4
He was declared a public enemy by the SenateNERO 4

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