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Answer NEAT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

OrderedNEAT 4
OrderlyNEAT 4
PreciseNEAT 4
"___ Smart"NEAT 4
UnmixedNEAT 4
Having everything arranged just soNEAT 4
Proper way to order good whiskeyNEAT 4
With everything arranged just soNEAT 4
Great, to the younger setNEAT 4
Having everything in its placeNEAT 4
How cognac is usually servedNEAT 4
How whiskey might be servedNEAT 4
Like the traditional pinNEAT 4
Not having a hair out of placeNEAT 4
Not having a thing out of placeNEAT 4
Obviously carefully writtenNEAT 4
Right from the bottle, maybeNEAT 4
Straightened, or straightNEAT 4
Straight from the bottleNEAT 4
Straight, or straightenedNEAT 4
Straight, to a bartender with 4 letters
Straight, to a bartenderNEAT 4
Straight up, as a nip of ryeNEAT 4
Straight up or straightened upNEAT 4
Straight up, to a bartenderNEAT 4
Undiluted, as a bar drinkNEAT 4
Undiluted, in a whiskey orderNEAT 4
Unmixed, to a mixologistNEAT 4
What most young children aren'tNEAT 4
With everything in its placeNEAT 4
With everything in placeNEAT 4
Without a hair out of placeNEAT 4
Without a mixer or chaserNEAT 4
Without a thing out of placeNEAT 4
Without water or club sodaNEAT 4
Without water, to a mixologistNEAT 4
Adjective at the barNEAT 4
A way to drink whiskeyNEAT 4
Bar order specificationNEAT 4
Carefully arrangedNEAT 4
Carefully writtenNEAT 4
Clean and orderlyNEAT 4
Cleared of clutterNEAT 4
Cleverly phrasedNEAT 4
Devoid of rocks?NEAT 4
Drink preferenceNEAT 4
Every hair in placeNEAT 4
Far from slatternlyNEAT 4
Far from slovenlyNEAT 4
Fastidiously keptNEAT 4
Free from admixtureNEAT 4

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