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Answer NBA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

2011 lockout org.NBA 3
76ers' org.NBA 3
___ draftNBA 3
64-Down arbiterNBA 3
"Hidden" theme of the puzzleNBA 3
"___ Live" (popular video game series)NBA 3
____ Hall of FameNBA 3
"The First Tip-Off" subjectNBA 3
2003 MVP Duncan's turfNBA 3
Org. that has four teams with non-plural nicknames, which begin this puzzle's four longest answersNBA 3
Org. whose only members with nonplural names appear at the ends of 17-, 25-, 41- and 56-AcrossNBA 3
Org. whose champion is determined at the beginning of each season by a cackling David SternNBA 3
Hoop group hidden inside this puzzle's three longest answersNBA 3
Org. in which "everybody played with a gay teammate," per Charles BarkleyNBA 3
Eight answers in this puzzle are athletes in this org.NBA 3
Org. found in the answer to each asterisked clueNBA 3
Gp. that hands out fines for "flopping"NBA 3
Org. in which traveling is a violationNBA 3
Org. that doesn't allow travelingNBA 3
Org. where people may travel or passNBA 3
Org. whose members employ many guards with 3 letters
Org. whose members employ many guardsNBA 3
Org. whose members use the press?NBA 3
Org. with a 24-second shot clockNBA 3
Its members may be seen traveling: Abbr.NBA 3
Grizzlies are part of itNBA 3
Grp. concerned with travelingNBA 3
Jordan's playground brieflyNBA 3
Lakers' league for shortNBA 3
Org. of the no-look passNBA 3
Org. that employs guardsNBA 3
Org. that has many guards?NBA 3
Org. with 30 member teamsNBA 3
Org. with a late start in 2011NBA 3
Org. with a lot of centers?NBA 3
Org. with thirty franchisesNBA 3
Pelican's home, for shortNBA 3
Sports org. since 6/6/1946NBA 3
Subj. of this puzzle's themeNBA 3
Wizards belong to it (abbr.)NBA 3
Jordan has a part in it: Abbr.NBA 3
It has four franchises in Calif.NBA 3
Rockets can be found in this: Abbr.NBA 3
Org. that annually gives the Sixth Man AwardNBA 3
Jordan was once part of it: Abbr.NBA 3
Annual draft org.NBA 3
Basketball assn.NBA 3
Garden grp., perhapsNBA 3
Grp. of dribblersNBA 3
Grp. with guardsNBA 3
Hoop group, for shortNBA 3

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