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Answer MRT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

80's celeb known for his gold chainsMRT 3
1980s actor with a mohawkMRT 3
1982 costar of Sylvester StalloneMRT 3
''Rocky III'' foeMRT 3
''Rocky III'' heavyMRT 3
''A-Team'' actorMRT 3
1-800-COLLECT pitchmanMRT 3
"Cut out the jibber-jabber" is one of his "Rules for Fools"MRT 3
"I pity the fool!" bellowerMRT 3
'I pity the fool!' sayerMRT 3
"I pity the fool" speakerMRT 3
"I pity the fool!" uttererMRT 3
"I pity the fool" guyMRT 3
'80s Peppard costarMRT 3
"Straight Line" star, 1988MRT 3
1982 Worst New Star Razzie nomineeMRT 3
"Rocky II" actorMRT 3
"Rocky III" actor with the line "I pity the fool"MRT 3
"Rocky III" actorMRT 3
"Rocky III" co-starMRT 3
"Rocky III" costar with 3 letters
"Rocky III" costarMRT 3
"Rocky III" fighterMRT 3
"Rocky III" sluggerMRT 3
"Rocky III" starMRT 3
"Rocky III" villainMRT 3
"Rocky III" and "The A-Team" starMRT 3
'The A-Team' cast memberMRT 3
"The A-Team" actor born Laurence TureaudMRT 3
'The A-Team' actorMRT 3
'The A-Team' co-starMRT 3
"The A-Team" costarMRT 3
"The A-Team" musclemanMRT 3
"The A-Team" performerMRT 3
"The A-Team" regularMRT 3
'The A-Team' starMRT 3
"The A-Team" strongmanMRT 3
'80s WrestleMania headlinerMRT 3
"Be Somebody... or Be Somebody's Fool!" singerMRT 3
"I Pity the Fool" starMRT 3
"D.C. Cab" actorMRT 3
'D.C. Cab' starMRT 3
'80s TV star with a mohawkMRT 3
'80s TV star who later pitched SnickersMRT 3
'80s TV starMRT 3
When he was a bodyguard, his business card read: "Next to God, there is no greater protector than I."MRT 3
His famous role is being reprised in 2010MRT 3
Letter-shaped breakfast cereal of the mid-'80sMRT 3
He first saw his signature hairstyle in National GeographicMRT 3
Muscleman with a 1980s cartoon seriesMRT 3
Mohawked actor whose voice was in "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"MRT 3

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