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'60s sitcom character whose handlers stuffed nylon in his mouthMRED 4
'60s eloquent equineMRED 4
60's lip-syncherMRED 4
1960s role for Bamboo HarvesterMRED 4
WrestMRED 4
1960's TV horseMRED 4
"He'll give you the answer that you endorse," according to songMRED 4
"A horse is a horse" horseMRED 4
"Famous" talker of '60s TVMRED 4
"What kind of a name is 'Wilbur' for a man?" speakerMRED 4
'60s TV equineMRED 4
60's TV horseMRED 4
He "will never speak unless he has something to say," in a songMRED 4
Who'll "talk 'til his voice is hoarse," in a 1960s sitcomMRED 4
He'll "talk 'til his voice is hoarse"MRED 4
Horse that's more than a neigh sayerMRED 4
He was a horse, of courseMRED 4
He was more than a neigh-sayerMRED 4
Onetime prime-time equineMRED 4
Talking horse, now in repeatsMRED 4
Talking horse of the '60s with 4 letters
Talking horse of the '60sMRED 4
Eloquent equine of '60s TVMRED 4
He once had stable work on TVMRED 4
Loquacious equine of '60s TVMRED 4
Nonsense comedy of 60's TVMRED 4
Talking palomino of '60s TVMRED 4
Wilbur's charge in 60's TVMRED 4
His theme started with "A horse is a horse ..."MRED 4
A vocal male equineMRED 4
Black-and-white horse?MRED 4
Equine on the tubeMRED 4
He talked horse senseMRED 4
Horse in a 60's sitcomMRED 4
Horse that made sense?MRED 4
Loquacious equineMRED 4
Opinionated equineMRED 4
Steed who could readMRED 4
Wilbur's companionMRED 4
Wilbur was his ownerMRED 4
Talking animal of '60s TVMRED 4
Talking equine of '60s TVMRED 4
First-of-a-kind 1960's TV starMRED 4
Subject of the lyric "A horse is a horse, of course, of course"MRED 4
Noted member of a Hollywood stableMRED 4
He conversed with WilburMRED 4
He talked only to WilburMRED 4
Speaking role for Rocky LaneMRED 4
Talking horse of '50s TVMRED 4
Talking horse of '60s TVMRED 4
Lip-syncher of 1960s TVMRED 4

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