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Answer MONROE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Niagara" star, 1953MONROE 6
"Happy birthday, Mr. President" coquetteMONROE 6
"Niagara" starMONROE 6
"Last of the Cocked Hats"MONROE 6
"Era of Good Feelings" presidentMONROE 6
MarilynMONROE 6
'Seven Year Itch' starMONROE 6
"Some Like It Hot" actressMONROE 6
'Some Like It Hot' cast memberMONROE 6
"Some Like It Hot" starMONROE 6
"Bus Stop" star, 1956MONROE 6
"The Misfits" co-starMONROE 6
"The Seven Year Itch" starMONROE 6
Her white dress billowed over a subway grate in "The Seven Year Itch"MONROE 6
Last president to wear a powdered wigMONROE 6
County name in 17 statesMONROE 6
Doctrine developer of 1823MONROE 6
President with a doctrineMONROE 6
Seventh secretary of stateMONROE 6
Secretary of state during the War of 1812MONROE 6
Doctrine developer with 6 letters
Doctrine developerMONROE 6
Florida purchaserMONROE 6
Legendary blondeMONROE 6
Madison followerMONROE 6
Madison's successorMONROE 6
Marilyn with a moleMONROE 6
President, 1817-1825MONROE 6
Presidential surnameMONROE 6
Only president besides Washington to run unopposedMONROE 6
Face on a $5,000 T-bondMONROE 6
Marilyn who sang Berlin's "Show Business"MONROE 6
President after MadisonMONROE 6
James ___ (fifth U.S. president)MONROE 6
Marilyn, wife of DiMaggioMONROE 6
President nicknamed Last of the Cocked HatsMONROE 6
Doctrine makerMONROE 6
Fifth presidentMONROE 6
Mailer subjectMONROE 6
The capital of Liberia is named after himMONROE 6
One of the Louisiana Purchase negotiatorsMONROE 6
President No. 5MONROE 6
Memorable Warhol subjectMONROE 6
Bill ___, the Father of BluegrassMONROE 6
Screen legend MarilynMONROE 6
Missouri Compromise signerMONROE 6
Eponym of an African capitalMONROE 6
James or MarilynMONROE 6
Secretary of State under MadisonMONROE 6
Secretary of War under MadisonMONROE 6
Hollywood's MarilynMONROE 6

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