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Answer MOM – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ -and-popMOM 3
1-Across' partnerMOM 3
"Go to your room!" commanderMOM 3
"Go to your room!" sayerMOM 3
"Hi ___!" (fan's message)MOM 3
"Mr. ___," 1983 comedyMOM 3
"Mr. ___" (1983 film)MOM 3
"Pop" favoriteMOM 3
"Because I said so" sayerMOM 3
Den ___MOM 3
"Can I?" addresseeMOM 3
One of two partners teamed up throughout this puzzleMOM 3
Word divided in this puzzle's nine longest answersMOM 3
One who would probably do well on a pop quiz?MOM 3
With baseball and apple pie, a symbol of AmericaMOM 3
Cry when besieged by a sibling, perhapsMOM 3
Half of a small-time store-owning pairMOM 3
Might want to thank her for talentMOM 3
Might want to thank her for your pipesMOM 3
One who brings out the inner child? with 3 letters
One who brings out the inner child?MOM 3
Partner of baseball and apple pieMOM 3
She tells you to wear clean underwearMOM 3
Addressee of many a requestMOM 3
Addressee of many requestsMOM 3
Auntie of your cousin, maybeMOM 3
Celebrated apple-pie makerMOM 3
Classic tattoo dedicationMOM 3
Expert in pop psychology?MOM 3
Family chauffeur, at timesMOM 3
Name tattooed on many an armMOM 3
Pop psychology authority?MOM 3
Small business co-owner?MOM 3
Small business co-owner, oftenMOM 3
Soccer or hockey followerMOM 3
Stereotypical biker tattoo wordMOM 3
Youth-soccer carpooler, usuallyMOM 3
Youth-soccer "chauffeur"MOM 3
Recipient of many a televised "Hi"MOM 3
Affectionate nameMOM 3
Apple pie companion?MOM 3
Apple-pie creatorMOM 3
Apple pie go-with?MOM 3
Apple pie partner?MOM 3
Apple pie's partner?MOM 3
Classic tattoo wordMOM 3
Common cartoon tattooMOM 3
Common tattoo honoreeMOM 3
Common tattoo wordMOM 3
Cousin's aunt, perhapsMOM 3

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