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Answer MIRA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"The wonderful star"MIRA 4
"Wonderful" red starMIRA 4
"Mimic" actress SorvinoMIRA 4
"Check it out!," in ChihuahuaMIRA 4
"Amelia" director NairMIRA 4
"See, señor!"MIRA 4
"Check it out, José"MIRA 4
"Look!" in La ManchaMIRA 4
"Mississippi Masala" director ___ NairMIRA 4
"Monsoon Wedding" director NairMIRA 4
"Mighty Aphrodite" co-star SorvinoMIRA 4
"Mighty Aphrodite" star SorvinoMIRA 4
"Look!," in LimaMIRA 4
"Look!" in LeónMIRA 4
"Look!" to LuisMIRA 4
"Look, Juan!"MIRA 4
"The Namesake" director NairMIRA 4
First variable star to be discoveredMIRA 4
Paul's footstep-following daughterMIRA 4
Variable star in the constellation CetusMIRA 4
First known variable star with 4 letters
First known variable starMIRA 4
Remarkable variable starMIRA 4
Red giant in the constellation CetusMIRA 4
Star in the neck of the WhaleMIRA 4
Earliest known pulsarMIRA 4
Paul's actress daughterMIRA 4
Sorvino of filmsMIRA 4
Sorvino of screenMIRA 4
Sorvino of the screenMIRA 4
Sorvino, the actressMIRA 4
Sorvino who actsMIRA 4
Remarkable star in CetusMIRA 4
Sorvino with an OscarMIRA 4
Variable star in CetusMIRA 4
Major star of 2-DownMIRA 4
Variable starMIRA 4
She played Romy in "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion"MIRA 4
Binary star in CetusMIRA 4
Star in CetusMIRA 4
Costar of Woody in "Mighty Aphrodite"MIRA 4
Oscar actress SorvinoMIRA 4
Oscar-winning SorvinoMIRA 4
Actress SorvinoMIRA 4
Oscar winner SorvinoMIRA 4
Red giant in CetusMIRA 4
Actress Sorvino of "Human Trafficking"MIRA 4
Red star in CetusMIRA 4
Sorvino of "Famous"MIRA 4
Sorvino of 'Mimic'MIRA 4
Star in the WhaleMIRA 4

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