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Chicago exchange, informally, with "the"MERC 4
Certain exchange, for short, with "the"MERC 4
Chicago futures exchange, for shortMERC 4
Chicago exchange, for shortMERC 4
Chicago market, with "the"MERC 4
Cougar carmaker, brieflyMERC 4
Ford offering, for shortMERC 4
Ford product, informallyMERC 4
Futures exchange, for shortMERC 4
Hired soldier, for shortMERC 4
One of the exchanges, for shortMERC 4
Soldier for hire, for shortMERC 4
Soldier for hire, slangilyMERC 4
Soldier of fortune, brieflyMERC 4
Soldier of fortune, for shortMERC 4
Soldier of fortune, informallyMERC 4
Soldier of fortune, in slangMERC 4
Current water pollutant: Abbr.MERC 4
Make of car with ads on "The Ed Sullivan Show," brieflyMERC 4
Car make, for shortMERC 4
Cougar, e.g., briefly with 4 letters
Cougar, e.g., brieflyMERC 4
Cougar, e.g., for shortMERC 4
Cougar maker, brieflyMERC 4
Ford auto, brieflyMERC 4
Ford make, brieflyMERC 4
Ford make, for shortMERC 4
Ford model, slangilyMERC 4
Ford product, brieflyMERC 4
Ford product for shortMERC 4
Hired gun, brieflyMERC 4
Hired soldier, brieflyMERC 4
Hired soldier, in slangMERC 4
Hired soldier, slangilyMERC 4
Lynx carmaker, brieflyMERC 4
Sable carmaker, brieflyMERC 4
Sable maker, brieflyMERC 4
Sable maker, for shortMERC 4
Topaz maker, for shortMERC 4
Thermometer fill: Abbr.MERC 4
Cougar, brieflyMERC 4
Element #80MERC 4
Gun for hireMERC 4
Pharm. itemMERC 4
Temp. indicatorMERC 4
Mariner or Mountaineer, brieflyMERC 4
Montego or Monterey, brieflyMERC 4
Montego or Grand Marquis, for shortMERC 4
Autodom's Cougar, brieflyMERC 4
Bobcat or Cougar, for shortMERC 4
Cougar or Lynx, for shortMERC 4

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