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Answer MENSA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

140 or more people?MENSA 5
"Stupid," in Spanish(!)MENSA 5
Group whose name is often mistakenly thought to be an acronymMENSA 5
Organization that one person in 50 qualifies forMENSA 5
Well over 100 million people could, in theory, join itMENSA 5
Group that recently admitted a two-year-old with an IQ of 152MENSA 5
Its gatherings are smart things to attendMENSA 5
Society people like me have no shot of joiningMENSA 5
Good problem solvers, as a groupMENSA 5
Group noted for intelligence gathering?MENSA 5
Group with a meeting of the minds?MENSA 5
Its logo features a globe on a tableMENSA 5
Where to have a meeting of the minds?MENSA 5
Group whose second president was Buckminster FullerMENSA 5
Organization that sponsors an annual Mind Games competitionMENSA 5
Club for extremely smart peopleMENSA 5
Club for smart guys and girlsMENSA 5
Elite intellectuals' societyMENSA 5
Exclusive club since 1946MENSA 5
Group looking for intelligence?MENSA 5
Group that doesn't allow yo-yos with 5 letters
Group that doesn't allow yo-yosMENSA 5
It has a test of brightnessMENSA 5
One must be quick to join itMENSA 5
Organization for geniusesMENSA 5
Organization for the supersmartMENSA 5
Southern sky constellationMENSA 5
Their members aren't stupidMENSA 5
Organization whose name is Latin for "table"MENSA 5
Anti-dope group?MENSA 5
Brains belong to itMENSA 5
Brainy organizationMENSA 5
Bunch of wise guys?MENSA 5
Club for brainiacsMENSA 5
Club for the supersmartMENSA 5
Collection of brains?MENSA 5
Epitome of brightnessMENSA 5
Group for geniusesMENSA 5
Group of brains?MENSA 5
Group of bright stars?MENSA 5
Group of geniusesMENSA 5
Group of know-it-alls?MENSA 5
Group of smartiesMENSA 5
Group of whizzesMENSA 5
High-minded group?MENSA 5
High-testing groupMENSA 5
Indicator of brightnessMENSA 5
Intellectuals' groupMENSA 5
Intelligence group?MENSA 5
Intelligence org.?MENSA 5
Intelligent bunchMENSA 5

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