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49-Down neighborMALI 4
Country whose name is an anagram of another country's capitalMALI 4
African nation with a green, yellow, and red flagMALI 4
Its flag is made of green, yellow and red stripesMALI 4
Country with a green, yellow and red flagMALI 4
African country with no coastlineMALI 4
Africa's seventh-largest countryMALI 4
Guinea's neighbor to the northeastMALI 4
Country that's over 50% desertMALI 4
Landlocked land of 12 millionMALI 4
Mauritania's eastern neighborMALI 4
Niger's western neighborMALI 4
Senegal's eastern neighborMALI 4
Tuareg rebellion locale of 2012MALI 4
African nation bordered by MauritaniaMALI 4
Country formerly known as French SudanMALI 4
Saharan country south of AlgeriaMALI 4
Nation formerly known as French SudanMALI 4
African country bordering 12-DownMALI 4
African republicMALI 4
Algeria adjoiner with 4 letters
Algeria adjoinerMALI 4
Algeria neighborMALI 4
Algerian neighborMALI 4
Algeria's neighborMALI 4
Bamako is its capitalMALI 4
Bamako is the capitalMALI 4
Bamako's countryMALI 4
Bamako's settingMALI 4
Mauritania neighborMALI 4
Mauritania's neighborMALI 4
Niger's neighborMALI 4
Senegal neighborMALI 4
Sudanese republicMALI 4
Timbucktu's countryMALI 4
Timbuktu is hereMALI 4
Timbuktu's countryMALI 4
Timbuktu settingMALI 4
Timbuktu's nationMALI 4
Tombouctou is hereMALI 4
Tombouctou's countryMALI 4
Country in western AfricaMALI 4
Landlocked land of AfricaMALI 4
Republic, formerly French SudanMALI 4
Landlocked neighbor of AlgeriaMALI 4
Republic once known as French SudanMALI 4
One of two landlocked African countries whose names are almost the sameMALI 4
Country divided in 44-DownMALI 4
Landlocked country of AfricaMALI 4
Country once known as French SudanMALI 4
Africa's bygone ___ EmpireMALI 4

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