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Answer LIMO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

12-Down wheelsLIMO 4
60 Down's rideLIMO 4
"Stretch" car, in briefLIMO 4
"Stretch" vehicleLIMO 4
'Stretch' carLIMO 4
Car that is often black and rarely greenLIMO 4
Chauffeur's responsibility, for shortLIMO 4
It might roll up to a red carpetLIMO 4
It moves stars from point to pointLIMO 4
One might pick you up at an airportLIMO 4
Wheels for prom night, sometimesLIMO 4
Wheels that are longer than cars?LIMO 4
A chauffeur often comes with itLIMO 4
Airport transport, for shortLIMO 4
Airport vehicle, for shortLIMO 4
At times, it's a stretchLIMO 4
Automobile with a chauffeurLIMO 4
Big shot's transportationLIMO 4
Bride and groom's vehicleLIMO 4
Car rented on prom nightLIMO 4
Car that comes with a driver with 4 letters
Car that comes with a driverLIMO 4
Chauffeur-driven vehicleLIMO 4
Door-to-door delivery service?LIMO 4
It's short for a long carLIMO 4
Long way from the airport?LIMO 4
Prom night rental, informallyLIMO 4
Prom night transportationLIMO 4
Prom night wheels, brieflyLIMO 4
Ride to a premiere, oftenLIMO 4
Ride to the prom, perhapsLIMO 4
Short word for a long carLIMO 4
Transit to airport, for shortLIMO 4
Transportation for an execLIMO 4
Transportation for some seniorsLIMO 4
Wheels by the red carpetLIMO 4
Transportation to the 5-DownLIMO 4
Airport transportationLIMO 4
Auto with ample roomLIMO 4
Bar locale, oftenLIMO 4
Big car, familiarlyLIMO 4
Big-shot 'mobileLIMO 4
Big shot's big wheelsLIMO 4
Big shot's vehicleLIMO 4
Big shot's wheelsLIMO 4
Big wheel's wheelsLIMO 4
Car at a red carpetLIMO 4
Car that may have a barLIMO 4
Car with a bar, maybeLIMO 4
Car with a bar, perhapsLIMO 4
Car with alcoholLIMO 4

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