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Answer LET – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Live and ___ Die"LET 3
"Who ___ the Dogs Out" (Baha Men hit)LET 3
"Who ___ the Dogs Out"LET 3
AllowedLET 3
EndorseLET 3
WarrantLET 3
"And God said, '___ there be light'"LET 3
"___ It Be"LET 3
"--- Me Entertain You"LET 3
"___ It Be," Beatles songLET 3
"___ Me Call You Sweetheart"LET 3
"___ It Be Me" Everly BrothersLET 3
What may be followed by improved service?LET 3
Court call that only sounds permissiveLET 3
Court call that sounds permissiveLET 3
It requires an improved service?LET 3
It requires some additional serviceLET 3
Not worry about something annoyingLET 3
Tennis play that must be replayedLET 3
Tennis serve requiring a do-overLET 3
Tennis shot that must be replayed with 3 letters
Tennis shot that must be replayedLET 3
Word before up, out, off or downLET 3
Word with "up," "out," or "down"LET 3
God's first spoken word, in the BibleLET 3
Admit, with "in" or "on"LET 3
Allow to escape, as bloodLET 3
Alter, with "in" or "out"LET 3
Ball in the net, sometimesLET 3
Call before a "do-over" serveLET 3
Call from a courtside seatLET 3
Call often heard after a serveLET 3
Cause of a tennis replayLET 3
Disappoint (with "down")LET 3
Ending for book or brookLET 3
Minor miscue on the courtLET 3
More than fail to preventLET 3
Net judge's cry, perhapsLET 3
Reason for a court replayLET 3
Reason for a third serveLET 3
Serve that doesn't countLET 3
Serve without consequenceLET 3
Suffix for "brace" or "ring"LET 3
Suffix with book or braceLET 3
Word before up, out or downLET 3
Reason for a relaunch from Venus?LET 3
God's first word, in the BibleLET 3
Abate, with "up"LET 3
Admit, with "in"LET 3
Admit, with "on"LET 3
Assign, as a contractLET 3

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