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Answer LENS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

____capLENS 4
LoupeLENS 4
''Telephoto'' or ''contact'' enderLENS 4
"Life thru a ___"LENS 4
*Magnifying glass, e.g.LENS 4
BifocalLENS 4
Eye ___LENS 4
MonocleLENS 4
Piece of an optometrist's phoropterLENS 4
Word with "contact" or "concave"LENS 4
Camera's focusing deviceLENS 4
Camera shop purchase, perhapsLENS 4
Cataracts make it cloudyLENS 4
Cinematographer's concernLENS 4
Cinematographer's selectionLENS 4
Double-arc shape, in geometryLENS 4
It can bring things into focusLENS 4
It can provide the big pictureLENS 4
It helps keep one focusedLENS 4
It helps keep you focusedLENS 4
It may change your perspective with 4 letters
It may change your perspectiveLENS 4
It may give you the fish-eyeLENS 4
It may give you the fisheyeLENS 4
Monocle or contact, essentiallyLENS 4
Part of a camera or microscopeLENS 4
Photographer's accessoryLENS 4
Removable part of a cameraLENS 4
Something found in specs?LENS 4
Something to see throughLENS 4
Something to shoot throughLENS 4
Telephoto or contact ___LENS 4
Transparent eye structureLENS 4
What's behind every pupilLENS 4
Word with contact or zoomLENS 4
Word with telephoto or zoomLENS 4
You can see right through itLENS 4
You'll see right through itLENS 4
You see right through itLENS 4
Avedon's concernLENS 4
Bifocal, for oneLENS 4
Bull's-eye, e.g.LENS 4
Camera accessoryLENS 4
Camera attachmentLENS 4
Camera componentLENS 4
Camera essentialLENS 4
Cameraman's choiceLENS 4
Cameraman's eye?LENS 4
Camera necessityLENS 4
Canon attachmentLENS 4
Cataract locationLENS 4

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