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50's-60's pop vocalist ___ BarryLEN 3
'50s-'60s pop singer BarryLEN 3
"1-2-3" singer BarryLEN 3
60's singer BarryLEN 3
biasLEN 3
"Underworld" director WisemanLEN 3
"Spanning the World" author BermanLEN 3
"Dancing With the Stars" judge GoodmanLEN 3
"Ipcress File" author DeightonLEN 3
"Yesterday's Spy" author DeightonLEN 3
"Billion Dollar Brain" novelist DeightonLEN 3
"Funeral in Berlin" author DeightonLEN 3
"Funeral in Berlin" writer DeightonLEN 3
"Blood, Tears and Folly" author DeightonLEN 3
"London Match" author DeightonLEN 3
"Berlin Game" author DeightonLEN 3
"Funeral in Berlin" novelist DeightonLEN 3
"Mexico Set" author DeightonLEN 3
"Berlin Game," "Mexico Set," and "London Match" author DeightonLEN 3
'Total Recall' director WisemanLEN 3
1970 Super Bowl M.V.P. Dawson with 3 letters
1970 Super Bowl M.V.P. DawsonLEN 3
"Steal My Sunshine" brother-sister duoLEN 3
"Steal My Sunshine" one-hit wonderLEN 3
"Steal My Sunshine" one-hit wondersLEN 3
"Steal My Sunshine" bandLEN 3
'90s National League president ColemanLEN 3
"Blue Bloods" actor CariouLEN 3
"Live Free or Die Hard" director WisemanLEN 3
"The Ipcress File" author DeightonLEN 3
"The Ipcress File" writer DeightonLEN 3
"The Ipcress File" novelist DeightonLEN 3
"The Billion Dollar Brain" novelist DeightonLEN 3
'90s N.L. president ColemanLEN 3
Barker who pitched a perfect game in 1981LEN 3
One-hit wonders with the 1999 hit "Steal My Sunshine"LEN 3
___ Barry, with the 1965 hit "1-2-3"LEN 3
Bias of college sports loreLEN 3
Dawson of footballl fameLEN 3
Deighton of fiction writingLEN 3
Deighton of spy thrillersLEN 3
Dykstra who played baseballLEN 3
Thriller author's first nameLEN 3
Wiseman who directed the "Underworld" moviesLEN 3
Dawson in pro football's Hall of FameLEN 3
Deighton who wrote the "Hook, Line and Sinker" trilogyLEN 3
Barry who sang "1-2-3"LEN 3
Berman the sportscasterLEN 3
Bernstein nicknameLEN 3
Bernstein, to friendsLEN 3
Bernstein to palsLEN 3

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