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Answer LANE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

46-Down divisionLANE 4
BywayLANE 4
RouteLANE 4
''Way to go!''LANE 4
''Superman Returns'' characterLANE 4
''Penny ___'' Beatles hitLANE 4
Aisle?LANE 4
"In the ___ snow is glist'nin'"LANE 4
"Memory ___,"1924 songLANE 4
"Unfaithful" co-starLANE 4
"Penny ___" (1967 Beatles chart-topper)LANE 4
"You've got me? Who's got YOU?" speaker in a '78 filmLANE 4
"Alley _____"LANE 4
"Penny ___"LANE 4
"Life in the Fast ___" (Eagles hit)LANE 4
1967 Beatles' hit Penny ____LANE 4
"Penny ___" (The Beatles)LANE 4
"Lois & Clark" reporterLANE 4
PassageLANE 4
PathwayLANE 4
Walkway with 4 letters
WalkwayLANE 4
"Daily Planet" reporterLANE 4
'The Pro-ducers' starLANE 4
"The Producers" actor NathanLANE 4
Highway division, and word that can follow the first word of the answers to starred cluesLANE 4
Area between the free-throw line and the basket, in basketballLANE 4
Strike zone, in bowling and in this puzzle's theme?LANE 4
It may be fast, slow or in a bowling alleyLANE 4
Site associated with this puzzle's themeLANE 4
Abbe who is definitely not a clericLANE 4
Place for a kegler to score a turkeyLANE 4
Space between dotted lines, maybeLANE 4
There are pins at the end of oneLANE 4
There may be one for "8 items or less"LANE 4
Word with "express" and "shipping"LANE 4
You might see a butterfly in oneLANE 4
Alley area between guttersLANE 4
Alley feature with 39 boardsLANE 4
Breakdown or passing followerLANE 4
Climbing or fast followerLANE 4
Interstate highway divisionLANE 4
It has gutters on each sideLANE 4
It may lead to a strike?LANE 4
It's often changed on the roadLANE 4
It's rented at a bowling alleyLANE 4
It's sometimes roped offLANE 4
Likely place for a strikeLANE 4
Locale of strike after strike?LANE 4
Nathan of stage and screenLANE 4

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