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Answer LADD – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1949 portrayer of GatsbyLADD 4
29-Down playerLADD 4
''Braveheart'' producerLADD 4
"China" star: 1943LADD 4
1949 Gatsby portrayerLADD 4
"Shane" heroLADD 4
"Shane" manLADD 4
"Charlie's Angels" angelLADD 4
"Charlie's Angels" costarLADD 4
"Charlie's Angels" actress CherylLADD 4
"Charlie's Angels" starLADD 4
"Angel" CherylLADD 4
"Saigon" star AlanLADD 4
"Shane" actor AlanLADD 4
"Wild at Heart" actress DianeLADD 4
"Shane" star AlanLADD 4
"This Gun for Hire" actorLADD 4
"This Gun for Hire" starLADD 4
"The Carpetbaggers" co-star, 1964LADD 4
"The Glass Key" actorLADD 4
"The Blue Dahlia" star with 4 letters
"The Blue Dahlia" starLADD 4
"The Blue Dahlia" star AlanLADD 4
"O.S.S." star, 1946LADD 4
Gatsby portrayer of 1949LADD 4
His gun was for hire in 1942LADD 4
Exec who green-lighted "Star Wars"LADD 4
Former movie starLADD 4
Gatsby portrayer, 1949LADD 4
He was a lad in 1920LADD 4
Hollywood tough guyLADD 4
She played one of Charlie's AngelsLADD 4
Alan who starred in "Saigon," 1948LADD 4
Diane who played Flo in "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore"LADD 4
Alan who starred in "Shane"LADD 4
Cheryl who replaced Farrah Fawcett on "Charlie's Angels"LADD 4
Gatsby portrayer AlanLADD 4
Alan of filmLADD 4
Alan of filmsLADD 4
Angel, onceLADD 4
Boyish actor?LADD 4
Shane portrayerLADD 4
Shane starLADD 4
Three-time Oscar nominee DianeLADD 4
Partner of Jackson and Smith on TVLADD 4
Fawcett's "Charlie's Angels" replacementLADD 4
Cheryl ___ of "Charlie's Angels"LADD 4
Fawcett's "Charlie's Angels" successorLADD 4
Co-star of Smith and JacksonLADD 4
Munroe of "Charlie's Angels"LADD 4
Actress DianeLADD 4

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