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Answer JAIL – Crossword Puzzle Solver

ClinkJAIL 4
PokeyJAIL 4
''Gunsmoke'' setJAIL 4
CoolerJAIL 4
LockupJAIL 4
"Big house," e.g.JAIL 4
"Go directly to _____"JAIL 4
'Monopoly' cornerJAIL 4
"Monopoly" destinationJAIL 4
'Monopoly' squareJAIL 4
"Go directly to ___" (Chance card phrase)JAIL 4
'Freeway Time in L.A. County ___" (Sublime)JAIL 4
"The Shawshank Redemption" settingJAIL 4
"The Usual Suspects" settingJAIL 4
Consequence of rolling doubles three times in a row, in MonopolyJAIL 4
Synonym for the ends of 17-, 25-, 41- and 55-AcrossJAIL 4
Monopoly square with barsJAIL 4
Place to hear crime storiesJAIL 4
The big house, small-timeJAIL 4
Monopoly space halfway between Go and Free ParkingJAIL 4
You can get out of it free in Monopoly with 4 letters
You can get out of it free in MonopolyJAIL 4
Monopoly space adjoining Connecticut aveJAIL 4
Monopoly space adjoining Connecticut AvenueJAIL 4
Monopoly square between Connecticut Avenue and St. Charles PlaceJAIL 4
Alternative of bailJAIL 4
Big house, so to speakJAIL 4
Con's confinementJAIL 4
Fine alternative?JAIL 4
Kind of bird or baitJAIL 4
Monopoly board cornerJAIL 4
Monopoly corner squareJAIL 4
Penal institutionJAIL 4
Place for correctionsJAIL 4
Place to break out ofJAIL 4
Place with tons of barsJAIL 4
Sentence structure?JAIL 4
Sheriff's workplaceJAIL 4
Typical western setJAIL 4
Where over two million Americans stay each yearJAIL 4
Location that prompted Thoreau to write "Civil Disobedience"JAIL 4
Frequent spot for Mayberry's OtisJAIL 4
It's ten spaces past "Go"JAIL 4
Monopoly corner with "Just Visiting"JAIL 4
Corner square in MonopolyJAIL 4
Corner space in MonopolyJAIL 4
One corner of a Monopoly boardJAIL 4
One corner on a Monopoly boardJAIL 4
Detention square in MonopolyJAIL 4
First corner after "Go" in MonopolyJAIL 4
Barred roomJAIL 4

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