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Answer ITAL – Crossword Puzzle Solver

2006 World Cup champs: Abbr.ITAL 4
Proofreader's abbr. accompanying an underlineITAL 4
Bold alternative (abbr.)ITAL 4
Emphatic typeface, for shortITAL 4
Emphatic type, for shortITAL 4
Like tilted type (abbr.)ITAL 4
Not rom. ... or a rom. lang.ITAL 4
Off-center type, brieflyITAL 4
Printing style, for shortITAL 4
Slanted type of type: abbr.ITAL 4
Sloped type, abbreviatedITAL 4
Stressed, in a way (abbr.)ITAL 4
Text for titles, brieflyITAL 4
The insistent type, perh.ITAL 4
The right-leaning type: abbr.ITAL 4
Type with emphasis (abbr.)ITAL 4
Type with emphasis, brieflyITAL 4
Attention-calling type: Abbr.ITAL 4
Lang. in which "friends" is 24-AcrossITAL 4
They lean to the right: Abbr.ITAL 4
Type used for emphasis: Abbr. with 4 letters
Type used for emphasis: Abbr.ITAL 4
It doesn't stand up straight: Abbr.ITAL 4
Like some highlighted text: Abbr.ITAL 4
Titles are often put in it: Abbr.ITAL 4
Abbr. in typographyITAL 4
Abbr. on a proofITAL 4
Alt. to underliningITAL 4
Biased type, brieflyITAL 4
Editor's choice: abbr.ITAL 4
Emphasized, for shortITAL 4
Emphatic type (abbr.)ITAL 4
Foreign-wd. typeITAL 4
Leaning typeface: abbr.ITAL 4
Like tilted ltrs.ITAL 4
Print type brieflyITAL 4
Proofreader's markITAL 4
Proofreader's notationITAL 4
Proofreading abbr.ITAL 4
Slanted type (abbr.)ITAL 4
Slanted type, brieflyITAL 4
Slanted type spec.ITAL 4
Stressed (abbr.)ITAL 4
Stressed type (abbr.)ITAL 4
Tilted text (abbr.)ITAL 4
Tilted text, brieflyITAL 4
Tilted text, for shortITAL 4
Tilted type (abbr.)ITAL 4
Tilted type, for shortITAL 4
Tipped type: abbr.ITAL 4
Type of type (abbr.)ITAL 4

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