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Answer IRAQ – Crossword Puzzle Solver

2004 presidential debate topicIRAQ 4
2000s service siteIRAQ 4
2008 campaign issueIRAQ 4
1991 war zoneIRAQ 4
2003 war zoneIRAQ 4
"Axis of evil" memberIRAQ 4
"Jarhead" settingIRAQ 4
"Kismet" countryIRAQ 4
1990 Kuwait invaderIRAQ 4
"Green Zone" settingIRAQ 4
"Three Kings" settingIRAQ 4
"The Hurt Locker" localeIRAQ 4
"The Hurt Locker" settingIRAQ 4
"The New Way Forward" countryIRAQ 4
Nation suspected of harboring weapons of mass destructionIRAQ 4
Country whose flag's stripes are red, white and blackIRAQ 4
Nation suspected of having weapons of mass destructionIRAQ 4
World's sixth largest oil producerIRAQ 4
Asian country slightly larger than CaliforniaIRAQ 4
Country with the ruins of ancient NinevehIRAQ 4
American theater for six years as of March 20, 2009 with 4 letters
American theater for six years as of March 20, 2009IRAQ 4
Country carved up in 1920IRAQ 4
Former site of no-fly zonesIRAQ 4
Independent country as of 1932IRAQ 4
It doesn't bare its armsIRAQ 4
What some veterans recallIRAQ 4
Where dinner costs dinarsIRAQ 4
Where dinners cost dinarsIRAQ 4
Where many a veteran has servedIRAQ 4
Modern home of the ancient Akkadian empireIRAQ 4
Birthplace of oud virtuoso Munir BashirIRAQ 4
Modern locale of ancient UrIRAQ 4
Country whose flag says "God is great"IRAQ 4
Homeland of the thief of BaghdadIRAQ 4
Modern-day locale of ancient NinevehIRAQ 4
Baath party placeIRAQ 4
Babylon's site, todayIRAQ 4
Baghdad is its capitalIRAQ 4
Baghdad's countryIRAQ 4
Baghdad's nationIRAQ 4
Basra's locationIRAQ 4
Big oil exporterIRAQ 4
Country at war in 2003IRAQ 4
Country in the newsIRAQ 4
Early 2000s war zoneIRAQ 4
Former no-fly zoneIRAQ 4
Invaded nation of 2003IRAQ 4
Kirkuk's countryIRAQ 4
Kuawait neighborIRAQ 4
Major oil exporterIRAQ 4

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