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Answer IRAN – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"-gate" opener of the '80sIRAN 4
"___ my heedless ways": Dylan ThomasIRAN 4
1979-81 hostage siteIRAN 4
1979 hostage localeIRAN 4
1979 hostage siteIRAN 4
1979 revolution localeIRAN 4
1979 revolution siteIRAN 4
___-contra affairIRAN 4
1980 combatantIRAN 4
1979 "Canadian Caper" countryIRAN 4
"___ (So Far Away)" (1982 hit for A Flock of Seagulls)IRAN 4
"___ (So Far Away)" (1982 hit by A Flock of Seagulls)IRAN 4
"Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb ___"IRAN 4
"Axis of evil" landIRAN 4
"Axis of evil" memberIRAN 4
"Persepolis" settingIRAN 4
"Argo" settingIRAN 4
"If ___ the Zoo" (Dr. Seuss)IRAN 4
1974 Asian Games hostIRAN 4
"Bomb, Bomb ___" ("Barbara Ann" parody sung by John McCain)IRAN 4
1982 Flock of Seagulls hit subtitled "So Far Away" with 4 letters
1982 Flock of Seagulls hit subtitled "So Far Away"IRAN 4
"--- All the Way Home"IRAN 4
Country that recently certified its election results, thus forever ending any doubt about the legitimacy thereof, totallyIRAN 4
It's bordered by three countries with "-stan" in their namesIRAN 4
Dry country whose name is an anagram of wet weatherIRAN 4
Country that got its current name in 1935IRAN 4
Nation with severe penalties for being gayIRAN 4
World's leading saffron-producing nationIRAN 4
Country that can trace its history to the Proto-Elamite periodIRAN 4
Iraq's foe for much of the 1980sIRAN 4
Land with a red, white and green flagIRAN 4
Locale for 1999 solar eclipse watchersIRAN 4
Major exporter of handmade carpetsIRAN 4
Mashhad is its second-largest cityIRAN 4
Party in recent nuclear negotiationsIRAN 4
Setting of the 2007 animated film "Persepolis"IRAN 4
Country that's an anagram of 49-AcrossIRAN 4
Mideast nation that borders the Caspian SeaIRAN 4
Afghanistan's western neighborIRAN 4
Birthplace of polo, todayIRAN 4
Country with a supreme leaderIRAN 4
Country with imposed sanctionsIRAN 4
It was once ruled by a shahIRAN 4
Kurdistan's locale, in partIRAN 4
One of earth's troubled spotsIRAN 4
Qajar dynasty country, todayIRAN 4
Scene of a 1979 revolutionIRAN 4
Site of a 70's revolutionIRAN 4
Teheran is its largest cityIRAN 4
Tehran is its largest cityIRAN 4

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