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Answer IDIOM – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"easier said than done" is oneIDIOM 5
ArgotIDIOM 5
LingoIDIOM 5
''Burn the midnight oil,'' for oneIDIOM 5
''Under the weather,'' for instanceIDIOM 5
''One for the books,'' for oneIDIOM 5
JargonIDIOM 5
"In the raw," "in the red" or "in the running"IDIOM 5
"On the road" or "hang one's head," for exampleIDIOM 5
"Knock it off" or "get it on," e.g.IDIOM 5
"Lose one's head" or "lose one's shirt"IDIOM 5
"Pound the pavement" or "break the ice"IDIOM 5
"Put two and two together," e.g.IDIOM 5
"Put two and two together," for oneIDIOM 5
"Apple of my eye," for exampleIDIOM 5
"Beat a dead horse," e.g.IDIOM 5
"Cat got your tongue?" e.g.IDIOM 5
"Eat crow" or "talk turkey"IDIOM 5
"Fly off the handle," e.g.IDIOM 5
"For crying out loud," e.g.IDIOM 5
"Going to the dogs," e.g. with 5 letters
"Going to the dogs," e.g.IDIOM 5
"Green thumb" or "purple prose"IDIOM 5
"Hang your head," for instanceIDIOM 5
"Hot to trot" or "cold feet"IDIOM 5
"In the doghouse," for oneIDIOM 5
"Kick the bucket," for oneIDIOM 5
"Kick the bucket" is oneIDIOM 5
"On the fence," for exampleIDIOM 5
"Bite the dust," e.g.IDIOM 5
"Eat crow," e.g.IDIOM 5
"Eat crow" is oneIDIOM 5
"For one," for oneIDIOM 5
"Go to the dogs," e.g.IDIOM 5
"Hang one's head," e.g.IDIOM 5
"In the doghouse," e.g.IDIOM 5
'In the red,' for oneIDIOM 5
"Jump the shark," e.g.IDIOM 5
"Piece of cake," e.g.IDIOM 5
"Talk turkey," e.g.IDIOM 5
"Under wraps" is oneIDIOM 5
"Up the creek," e.g.IDIOM 5
"When pigs fly" is oneIDIOM 5
DialectIDIOM 5
Cash in one's chips or pay the ultimate price, e.g.IDIOM 5
Expression that doesn't translate literallyIDIOM 5
Challenge for a nonnative speakerIDIOM 5
Unintuitive thing for language learnersIDIOM 5
By hook or by crook, e.g.IDIOM 5
Confusing phrase for nonnativesIDIOM 5
Expression unique to a languageIDIOM 5

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