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19th/20th-century civil rights leader ___ B. WellsIDA 3
''Malcolm in the Middle'' grandmaIDA 3
LupinoIDA 3
"--- (Sweet as Apple Cider)"IDA 3
'Sweet as apple cider' gal of songIDA 3
"Sweet as apple cider" girl of songIDA 3
"Princess ___" (1884 premiere)IDA 3
"Sweet as apple cider" girlIDA 3
"Esto perpetua" is its motto: Abbr.IDA 3
"Apple cider" galIDA 3
"Apple cider" girlIDA 3
"Sweet" girl of songdomIDA 3
"Sweet" one of songIDA 3
2013 Polish film directed by Pawel PawlikowskiIDA 3
"Princess ___" (Gilbert and Sullivan operetta)IDA 3
"Rhoda" momIDA 3
"Sweet" girlIDA 3
2009 Playmate of the Year ___ LjungqvistIDA 3
TarbellIDA 3
2013 Pawel Pawlikowski film set in post-W.W. II PolandIDA 3
Gem St. with 3 letters
Gem St.IDA 3
1900 First LadyIDA 3
Its state quarter has a peregrine falcon on it: Abbr.IDA 3
Her sweetness rivals apple ciderIDA 3
Ore-___, maker of frozen potatoesIDA 3
She's sweet as apple cider in a songIDA 3
She's "sweet as apple cider," in songIDA 3
Song girl who's "sweet as apple cider"IDA 3
Tarbell of the muckraker movementIDA 3
Malcolm's maternal grandmother on "Malcolm in the Middle" (played by Cloris Leachman)IDA 3
St. whose northernmost division is Boundary CountyIDA 3
Site of the mountain cave where Zeus was rearedIDA 3
A first name among first ladiesIDA 3
Apple cider girl of songIDA 3
Crete's highest mountainIDA 3
Feminist princess of operaIDA 3
Girl "sweet as apple cider"IDA 3
Ore-___ (brand of hash browns)IDA 3
Ore-___ (frozen food brand)IDA 3
Ore-___ (frozen foods brand)IDA 3
Ore- ___ (frozen fries brand)IDA 3
She's ''sweet as apple cider''IDA 3
State with a panhandle (abbr.)IDA 3
Title girl in an 1884 operettaIDA 3
Princess in the video game Monument ValleyIDA 3
State with a pandhandle: Abbr.IDA 3
Civil rights advocate ___ B. WellsIDA 3
Ancient mount now called PsiloritiIDA 3
Continental state where Sarah Palin was born: Abbr.IDA 3
Lupino who starred opposite Humphrey BogartIDA 3

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