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1940s presidential inits.HST 3
33rd president's monogramHST 3
33rd pres.HST 3
33rd prezHST 3
1940s-'50s White House inits.HST 3
'40s-'50s D.C. initialsHST 3
13-Down predecessorHST 3
23-Across successorHST 3
57-Down's predecessorHST 3
HarryHST 3
"If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen" pres.HST 3
"The buck stops here" monogramHST 3
"The buck stops here" pres.HST 3
"The buck stops here" prezHST 3
33rd U.S. pres.HST 3
Only 20th-century president whose three distinct initials are in alphabetical orderHST 3
Pres.who said the word "communism" six times in his inaugural address.HST 3
One of the subjects of the best-selling '02 book "The Conquerors"HST 3
Only 20th-century prez without a coll. degreeHST 3
It may be placed before a windowHST 3
Thirty-third president's monogram with 3 letters
Thirty-third president's monogramHST 3
He appointed the first chairman of the A.E.C.HST 3
Big inits. in gonzo journalismHST 3
Bygone presidential inits.HST 3
Former presidential monogramHST 3
Margaret's father's monogramHST 3
Pres. when the cold war beganHST 3
Barkley served with him: Abbr.HST 3
Surprise winner of 1948: Abbr.HST 3
President who created the N.S.C.HST 3
Presidential inits. from MissouriHST 3
Ike's predecessorHST 3
Independence initialsHST 3
Independence monogramHST 3
Inits. in 1940's newsHST 3
Inits. in a 1948 upsetHST 3
Missouri initialsHST 3
Missouri monogramHST 3
Pres. elected in '48HST 3
Presidential initialsHST 3
Presidential inits.HST 3
Presidential monogramHST 3
Thirty-third pres.HST 3
Well-known monogramHST 3
Only pres. born in MissouriHST 3
President when the U.N. was createdHST 3
President between F.D.R. and D.D.E.HST 3
President after F.D.R.HST 3
President before D.D.E.HST 3
One-time senator from MOHST 3

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