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Answer HORA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

60 minutosHORA 4
"___ fugit"HORA 4
"Que ___ es?" (Spanish 101 question)HORA 4
"Hava Nagila" danceHORA 4
Dance with terrified 13-year-olds held aloft by drunken relativesHORA 4
Dance following a ceremony under a huppahHORA 4
What you might do after stepping on a glass?HORA 4
Circle dance with a chair, oftenHORA 4
Dance after breaking the glass, sayHORA 4
Dance at a bar mitzvah receptionHORA 4
Dance involving a chair, perhapsHORA 4
Dance that's a real chair-raiserHORA 4
Folk dance performed in a circleHORA 4
Group dance done while holding handsHORA 4
Ring event after exchanging ringsHORA 4
Bar mitzvah party stapleHORA 4
Bar mitzvah reception highlightHORA 4
Celebratory circle danceHORA 4
Chair-raising experience?HORA 4
Circle around the newlyweds?HORA 4
Dance around a high chair? with 4 letters
Dance around a high chair?HORA 4
Dance done to klezmer musicHORA 4
Dance that may involve a chairHORA 4
Dance with a raised chairHORA 4
Dance with grapevine stepsHORA 4
Hand-holding group danceHORA 4
It's done while holding handsHORA 4
Part of a wedding celebrationHORA 4
Ring after exchanging rings?HORA 4
Ring around the newlyweds?HORA 4
Dance typically done to "Hava Nagila"HORA 4
Bar mitzvah danceHORA 4
Bar mitzvah highlightHORA 4
Bar mitzvah stapleHORA 4
Celebratory danceHORA 4
Celebratory round danceHORA 4
Dance at a bar mitzvahHORA 4
Dance at some weddingsHORA 4
Dance in a circleHORA 4
Dance in a shtetlHORA 4
Dance near a huppahHORA 4
Ethnic round danceHORA 4
Hand-holding danceHORA 4
High-chair dance?HORA 4
Israeli circle danceHORA 4
Israeli folk danceHORA 4
Israeli ring danceHORA 4
Israeli round danceHORA 4
Jewish circle danceHORA 4
Jewish round danceHORA 4

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