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Answer HABIT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ -formingHABIT 5
biasHABIT 5
garmentHABIT 5
AttireHABIT 5
"How use doth breed a ___ in a man!": ShakespeareHABIT 5
"Breaking the ___": 2004 Linkin Park hitHABIT 5
"Sister Act" attireHABIT 5
"Sister Act" costumeHABIT 5
It might be kicked after being picked upHABIT 5
Good thing to break or kick, perhapsHABIT 5
If one's broken, it's often goodHABIT 5
If one's broken, that's often goodHABIT 5
Something that's often best brokenHABIT 5
A bad one should be kickedHABIT 5
Acquired behavior patternHABIT 5
Acquired pattern of behaviorHABIT 5
Breaking a bad one is goodHABIT 5
Chewing one's nails, e.g.HABIT 5
Common practice for a nun?HABIT 5
It can be a good thing to breakHABIT 5
It could be hard to break with 5 letters
It could be hard to breakHABIT 5
It may be hard to break?HABIT 5
It's good to break a bad oneHABIT 5
Knuckle-cracking, for oneHABIT 5
Smoking, as a bad exampleHABIT 5
Unshakable behavior patternHABIT 5
Addiction, perhapsHABIT 5
Attire for an abbessHABIT 5
Behavioral patternHABIT 5
Behavior patternHABIT 5
Behaviour patternHABIT 5
Black-and-white outfitHABIT 5
Costume or customHABIT 5
Customary practiceHABIT 5
Dominant tendencyHABIT 5
Entrenched routineHABIT 5
Equestrian outfitHABIT 5
Equestrian's attireHABIT 5
Equestrian's garbHABIT 5
Garb for an abbessHABIT 5
Good thing to kickHABIT 5
Gum chewing, for someHABIT 5
Gum chewing, to someHABIT 5
Hard thing to breakHABIT 5
Hard thing to kickHABIT 5
Ingrained activityHABIT 5
It can be hard to breakHABIT 5
It can be kickedHABIT 5
It may be kickedHABIT 5
It's often hard to kickHABIT 5

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