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Answer GONG – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1970s-'80s game show propGONG 4
percussion instrumentGONG 4
ChimeGONG 4
1970s TV's "The ___ Show"GONG 4
"Dinner's ready" soundGONG 4
"The ___ Show"GONG 4
"The ___ Show" (TV talent contest)GONG 4
Tam-tamGONG 4
"The King and I" sound effectGONG 4
Interrupter of a bad act, on an old game showGONG 4
Bell hit with a mechanical hammerGONG 4
It produces a vibrant, hollow soundGONG 4
It produces a vibrant, hollow toneGONG 4
Remove from a talent show, maybeGONG 4
Instrument warmed up by rubbing (Tribute #8)GONG 4
Amateur-night item, oftenGONG 4
Asian percussion instrumentGONG 4
Bad news at a talent showGONG 4
Bad sound at a talent showGONG 4
Bell hit with a padded hammerGONG 4
Chinese percussion instrument with 4 letters
Chinese percussion instrumentGONG 4
Chinese temple instrumentGONG 4
Disklike percussion instrumentGONG 4
Instrument hit with a hammerGONG 4
Instrument hit with a malletGONG 4
Instrument often left hangingGONG 4
Instrument played with a malletGONG 4
It may be hit with a hammerGONG 4
It may bring an act to an endGONG 4
Large percussion instrumentGONG 4
Part of a grandfather clockGONG 4
Reverberating instrumentGONG 4
Saucer-shaped instrumentGONG 4
Signal for an act to endGONG 4
Signal to leave, perhapsGONG 4
Sound signaling the act is overGONG 4
Sound that ends some actsGONG 4
Striking metal instrument?GONG 4
Sound heard at the end of "Bohemian Rhapsody"GONG 4
Amateur-night bellGONG 4
Amateur night propGONG 4
Amateur-night ringerGONG 4
Barris game show propGONG 4
Brass instrumentGONG 4
Call for dinner, maybeGONG 4
Chinese stage propGONG 4
Circular instrumentGONG 4
Cymbal's bigger cousinGONG 4
Disk-shaped instrumentGONG 4
Exotic dinner bellGONG 4

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