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"___ is a game where white men can dress up as black pimps and get away with it." (Robin Williams)GOLF 4
18-hole gameGOLF 4
18-hole outingGOLF 4
''A good walk spoiled,'' according to TwainGOLF 4
''Caddyshack'' sportGOLF 4
"An expensive way of playing marbles," per G. K. ChestertonGOLF 4
"A good walk spoiled," according to Mark TwainGOLF 4
"A good walk spoiled" to TwainGOLF 4
"A good walk spoiled," said TwainGOLF 4
"A good walk spoiled": TwainGOLF 4
"The Legend of Bagger Vance" sportGOLF 4
It's "more fun than walking naked in a strange place, but not much," according to Buddy HackettGOLF 4
Game suggested by the ends of the answers to starred cluesGOLF 4
Sport in which you try to beat your opponent using clubs?GOLF 4
Sport associated with the first parts of 17-, 26-, 48-, and 64-AcrossGOLF 4
Olympic sport in 2016 after a 112-year hiatusGOLF 4
Sport that's been called "a good walk spoiled"GOLF 4
Twain called it 'a good walk spoiled'GOLF 4
This puzzle's theme-according to Twain, it's "a good walk spoiled"GOLF 4
Game with aces and chipsGOLF 4
Game with a lot of drives with 4 letters
Game with a lot of drivesGOLF 4
Game with approach shotsGOLF 4
Game with hazards and trapsGOLF 4
It's full of holes and trapsGOLF 4
Our most popular pastimeGOLF 4
Spend time on the courseGOLF 4
Sport with greens and clubsGOLF 4
Sport with tees and clubsGOLF 4
Twain's "good walk spoiled"GOLF 4
Sport that originated in ScotlandGOLF 4
Game that originated in ScotlandGOLF 4
Ace-in-the-hole gameGOLF 4
A good walk wasted?GOLF 4
Augusta activityGOLF 4
Country-club gameGOLF 4
Country-club sportGOLF 4
Driving passion?GOLF 4
Game for swingersGOLF 4
Game on the greenGOLF 4
Game on the greensGOLF 4
Game with pitchingGOLF 4
Go for the greenGOLF 4
Hobby for swingersGOLF 4
Irons figure in itGOLF 4
It's played in roundsGOLF 4
Kind of cart or clubGOLF 4
Make the rounds?GOLF 4
Masters activityGOLF 4
Mickelson's gameGOLF 4
Played between toursGOLF 4

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