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Answer GHANA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

African soccer powerhouse popularly known as the Black StarsGHANA 5
Home of the world's largest artificial lakeGHANA 5
Country whose name means "warrior king"GHANA 5
Nation whose name means "warrior king"GHANA 5
Big gold and cocoa exporterGHANA 5
Its major export is cacaoGHANA 5
Major cocoa-producing countryGHANA 5
Country that eliminated the United States at the last two World CupsGHANA 5
Accra is its capitalGHANA 5
Accra's republicGHANA 5
Cocoa-exporting landGHANA 5
Major cocoa exporterGHANA 5
Major cocoa producerGHANA 5
Nkrumah's countryGHANA 5
Major gold exporter of AfricaGHANA 5
Nation once known as Gold CoastGHANA 5
Republic on the Gulf of GuineaGHANA 5
Land once headed by NkrumahGHANA 5
Country west of TogoGHANA 5
Republic west of TogoGHANA 5
Accra locale with 5 letters
Accra localeGHANA 5
Accra's countryGHANA 5
Accra's landGHANA 5
Accra's nationGHANA 5
Accra's siteGHANA 5
Acera's landGHANA 5
African countryGHANA 5
African nationGHANA 5
Togo neighborGHANA 5
Togo's neighborGHANA 5
Country on Africa's Gold CoastGHANA 5
Its capital is AccraGHANA 5
Where the Volta flowsGHANA 5
Nation on the Gulf of GuineaGHANA 5
Country where W. E. B. DuBois diedGHANA 5
It's west of TogoGHANA 5
Land west of TogoGHANA 5
Burkina Faso neighborGHANA 5
Gulf of Guinea nationGHANA 5
Home of the AshantiGHANA 5
Neighbor of TogoGHANA 5
Neighbor of Ivory CoastGHANA 5
British Gold Coast, todayGHANA 5
Neighbor of Burkina FasoGHANA 5
Seventh UN head's homelandGHANA 5
Ivory Coast neighborGHANA 5
Where Accra isGHANA 5
Kofi Annan's home countryGHANA 5
Gold Coast countryGHANA 5
Gold Coast localeGHANA 5

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