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Answer EXTRA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ cheese (pizza order)EXTRA 5
". . . ___, read all about it!"EXTRA 5
AddedEXTRA 5
BonusEXTRA 5
FrillEXTRA 5
SpareEXTRA 5
"Cast of thousands" memberEXTRA 5
*Newsboy's cryEXTRA 5
SurplusEXTRA 5
When repeated, start of an old shout that ends with the starts of 17-, 26-, 47- and 61-AcrossEXTRA 5
Audience member in a film, probablyEXTRA 5
Handout from an aspiring musicianEXTRA 5
Like charges for new car optionsEXTRA 5
Not included in the listed priceEXTRA 5
Not included in the regular priceEXTRA 5
One who's all action and no talk?EXTRA 5
Rare newspaper edition, nowadaysEXTRA 5
The 13th item in a baker's dozenEXTRA 5
When repeated, bygone newsboy's cryEXTRA 5
Word shouted twice on the streetEXTRA 5
Actor missing from the credits with 5 letters
Actor missing from the creditsEXTRA 5
Actor who gets no creditEXTRA 5
Cry while holding a paperEXTRA 5
Face in the crowd, perhapsEXTRA 5
Hollywood "spear carrier"EXTRA 5
It'll cost a little moreEXTRA 5
Like some credit in schoolEXTRA 5
Member of a cast of thousandsEXTRA 5
Newsdealer's shout of oldEXTRA 5
Newspaper rarity, nowadaysEXTRA 5
Not included for that priceEXTRA 5
One in a cast of thousandsEXTRA 5
One without lines, generallyEXTRA 5
Soldier in a war film, e.g.EXTRA 5
Special edition of a newspaperEXTRA 5
Special newspaper editionEXTRA 5
Tribe member in many filmsEXTRA 5
Word with credit or pointEXTRA 5
Repeated, a shout before "Read all about it!"EXTRA 5
Actor in a crowdEXTRA 5
Actor in a crowd sceneEXTRA 5
Actor in the backgroundEXTRA 5
Actor without lines?EXTRA 5
A face in the crowd?EXTRA 5
Background actorEXTRA 5
Background playerEXTRA 5
Brand of sugar-free gumEXTRA 5
Bygone newsboy's cryEXTRA 5
Crowd scene actorEXTRA 5
Crowd-scene characterEXTRA 5

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