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examinationEXAM 4
51-Across, for oneEXAM 4
8-Across, e.g.EXAM 4
"Physical" or "oral" followerEXAM 4
"This is ___ a test"EXAM 4
CheckupEXAM 4
Eye ___EXAM 4
Large percentage of one's grade, perhapsEXAM 4
It might be required for entranceEXAM 4
Purpose of many a doctor's visitEXAM 4
An essay may be part of itEXAM 4
Bar ___ (lawyer's hurdle)EXAM 4
Cause of a class struggle?EXAM 4
Cause of a senior's stress?EXAM 4
Checkup at the doc's officeEXAM 4
Common course conclusionEXAM 4
Entrance requirement, oftenEXAM 4
Entrance requirement, perhapsEXAM 4
Entrance requirement, sometimesEXAM 4
Entry requirement, at timesEXAM 4
Focus of a class struggle with 4 letters
Focus of a class struggleEXAM 4
Grade decider, frequentlyEXAM 4
Hospital administration?EXAM 4
Insurance requirement, oftenEXAM 4
It may be required for entranceEXAM 4
It might be done in stirrupsEXAM 4
It might be given orallyEXAM 4
It's held for questioningEXAM 4
It's sometimes hard to takeEXAM 4
Physical or final followerEXAM 4
Reason for a cram sessionEXAM 4
Reason for a doctor's visitEXAM 4
Reason for an all-nighterEXAM 4
Reason for an office visitEXAM 4
Reason to use a blue bookEXAM 4
Source of some teen angstEXAM 4
Typical ending of a semesterEXAM 4
What a student crams forEXAM 4
Word after breast or testicularEXAM 4
Word after eye or makeupEXAM 4
Word with ''eye'' or ''final''EXAM 4
Yearly physical, for oneEXAM 4
Academic challengeEXAM 4
A concern of a coedEXAM 4
All-nighter followerEXAM 4
Annual physical, e.g.EXAM 4
Bar entry requirementEXAM 4
Blue book fillerEXAM 4
Blue book occasionEXAM 4
Cause for crammingEXAM 4

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