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Answer EVERT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1995 tennis hall of fame inducteeEVERT 5
1970s tennis champEVERT 5
1989 tennis retireeEVERT 5
'70s tennis starEVERT 5
1975-78 U.S. Open champ ChrisEVERT 5
3-time Wimbledon champEVERT 5
UpsetEVERT 5
''Ice Maiden'' of sportsEVERT 5
"The Ice Maiden"EVERT 5
Champion with a two-handed backhandEVERT 5
Chris known for her ground strokesEVERT 5
She won the 1976, 1977, and 1978 U.S. Opens without losing a setEVERT 5
Former tennis great formerlyEVERT 5
Lady with a great racketEVERT 5
Shriver defeater in 1978EVERT 5
Winner of four consecutive U.S. Open titlesEVERT 5
First female athlete to host "SNL"EVERT 5
Seven-time winner of the French OpenEVERT 5
Queen of the courts after KingEVERT 5
Winner of four straight U.S. Opens, 1975-'78EVERT 5
A pet of the net set with 5 letters
A pet of the net setEVERT 5
Chris of tennis fameEVERT 5
Chris of tennis loreEVERT 5
Chris of the courtEVERT 5
Chris of the courtsEVERT 5
Chris on the courtEVERT 5
Chrissie of tennisEVERT 5
Chrissie of the courtsEVERT 5
Lloyd's maiden nameEVERT 5
Name of fame in tennisEVERT 5
Navratilova rivalEVERT 5
Navratilova's foeEVERT 5
Queen of the courtsEVERT 5
Renowned racketerEVERT 5
Tennis star of the '70sEVERT 5
Tennis was her racketEVERT 5
Tennis star nicknamed "The Ice Maiden"EVERT 5
Winner of at least one Grand Slam event every year from 1974 to 1986EVERT 5
Chris who won six U.S. OpensEVERT 5
Chris who won 18 Grand Slam singles titlesEVERT 5
Frequent foe of NavratilovaEVERT 5
Winner of seven French OpensEVERT 5
Athlete a.k.a. "The Ice Maiden"EVERT 5
Court queen after KingEVERT 5
Chris of courtsEVERT 5
Chris of tennisEVERT 5
Court celebrityEVERT 5
Court champEVERT 5
Flip ___EVERT 5
Flip, in a wayEVERT 5

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