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Answer ETHER – Crossword Puzzle Solver

C4h10oETHER 5
CosmosETHER 5
"Wild blue yonder"ETHER 5
"Heavens ___!"ETHER 5
"Light" gasETHER 5
"Book of Mormon" bookETHER 5
SolventETHER 5
The skyETHER 5
Old-timey anesthetic [need a holiday gift? annual subscriptions are just $15]ETHER 5
Number that might be used when counting backward from 100?ETHER 5
Aromatic liquid formerly used as an anestheticETHER 5
Composition of outer space, in old beliefETHER 5
Air beyond the clouds, poeticallyETHER 5
Composition of the stars, in old beliefETHER 5
Dimethyl ___ (aerosol propellant)ETHER 5
There was a time it could knock you outETHER 5
Upper regions of space, figurativelyETHER 5
Upper regions of space, poeticallyETHER 5
Air or heavens, to a poetETHER 5
Aristotle's "fifth element" with 5 letters
Aristotle's "fifth element"ETHER 5
Chloroform's predecessorETHER 5
Dental anesthetic of oldETHER 5
Inhalant anesthetic of the pastETHER 5
Inhalation anesthetic of oldETHER 5
Inhalation anesthetic, onceETHER 5
Inhaled anesthetic of oldETHER 5
It put people to sleep, onceETHER 5
Nitrous oxide predecessorETHER 5
Number that's no longer usedETHER 5
Old-fashioned anestheticETHER 5
Old hospital administrationETHER 5
Old operating room substanceETHER 5
One on it may be out of itETHER 5
Onetime dental anestheticETHER 5
One-time labratory solventETHER 5
Operating room substance, onceETHER 5
Preoperative anesthetic of oldETHER 5
Preoperative delivery of oldETHER 5
Preoperative delivery, onceETHER 5
Preparation for drilling?ETHER 5
Solvent for resins and fatsETHER 5
Standard anesthetic, onceETHER 5
This could put you underETHER 5
Part of the gasoline additive M.T.B.E.ETHER 5
A great composer?ETHER 5
Air beyond the cloudsETHER 5
Airwaves, so to speakETHER 5
Anesthesia of oldETHER 5
Anesthetic, formerlyETHER 5

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