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Answer ETCH – Crossword Puzzle Solver

____-a-SketchETCH 4
CarveETCH 4
"Cut ___!"ETCH 4
EngraveETCH 4
ImpressETCH 4
ImprintETCH 4
IngrainETCH 4
Permanently put, as in one's memoryETCH 4
Prepare a commemorative plate, sayETCH 4
Scratch the surface, artisticallyETCH 4
What you might do while dropping acidETCH 4
Carve initials in graniteETCH 4
Create a lasting impression?ETCH 4
Create a permanent impressionETCH 4
Cut into a printer's plateETCH 4
Cut into metal artisticallyETCH 4
Decorate, as a sword bladeETCH 4
Decorate copperplate, in a wayETCH 4
Decorate glass, in a wayETCH 4
Decorate using acid, as glassETCH 4
Do some glass cutting, perhaps with 4 letters
Do some glass cutting, perhapsETCH 4
Do some impressive work?ETCH 4
Do something impressive?ETCH 4
Help make an impression?ETCH 4
Implant firmly, as on the mindETCH 4
Impress, as in the memoryETCH 4
Impress clearly in the mindETCH 4
Imprint, as in the memoryETCH 4
Inaccurate verb in a toy's nameETCH 4
Inscribe on a trophy, e.g.ETCH 4
Leave a good impression?ETCH 4
Leave a lasting impression?ETCH 4
Make a deep impression onETCH 4
Make a lasting impression?ETCH 4
Make an artistic impressionETCH 4
Make an impression, as on glassETCH 4
Make a permanent impressionETCH 4
Make art on glass, in a wayETCH 4
Make cutting designs with acidETCH 4
Make impressions, in a wayETCH 4
Make one's permanent markETCH 4
Make quite an impression?ETCH 4
Permanently mark, in a wayETCH 4
Permanently mark in stoneETCH 4
Prepare a plaque, perhapsETCH 4
Prepare a plate, perhapsETCH 4
Produce art on copper, e.g.ETCH 4
Put on the surface, in a wayETCH 4
Scratch into glass, e.g.ETCH 4
Scratch the surface of, maybeETCH 4

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