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Answer ETCETERA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

" don't need to know the rest"ETCETERA 8
" get the idea"ETCETERA 8
"And other things too numerous to mention"ETCETERA 8
"I won't bore you with the rest"ETCETERA 8
"And so on and so forth"ETCETERA 8
"No need to go on"ETCETERA 8
'The list goes on'ETCETERA 8
"Yada, yada, yada"ETCETERA 8
"Yadda, yadda, yadda"ETCETERA 8
"You get the idea ... "ETCETERA 8
"You get the idea..."ETCETERA 8
"You get the picture"ETCETERA 8
"And others"ETCETERA 8
"And so forth"ETCETERA 8
"And so on"ETCETERA 8
"The King and I" mantraETCETERA 8
It's used to avoid listingETCETERA 8
King's words in a musicalETCETERA 8
Label for unmentionables?ETCETERA 8
Literally, "and the rest"ETCETERA 8
Number of unspecified things with 8 letters
Number of unspecified thingsETCETERA 8
Often-abbreviated phraseETCETERA 8
Substitute for dropped itemsETCETERA 8
Substitute for the unlistedETCETERA 8
Words suggesting omissionETCETERA 8
And similar thingsETCETERA 8
Concluding phraseETCETERA 8
Enumeration followerETCETERA 8
List-condensing phraseETCETERA 8
More of the sameETCETERA 8
Plus other stuffETCETERA 8
Time-saving wordsETCETERA 8
Unspecified thingsETCETERA 8
Yadda-yadda-yadda...ETCETERA 8
Phrase heard often in "The King and I"ETCETERA 8
And like thatETCETERA 8
And the restETCETERA 8
Catchall phraseETCETERA 8
Latin extensionETCETERA 8
List enderETCETERA 8
Series finale?ETCETERA 8
Refrain from "The King and I"ETCETERA 8
King of Siam's puzzlementETCETERA 8
King of Siam's refrain phraseETCETERA 8
King of Siam's pet wordETCETERA 8
The King of Siam's sentence enderETCETERA 8

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